Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Influencers Creating Content in Hindi

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Lifestyle influencers are individuals that generate content based on their daily lives. Their material is centered on topics such as everyday routines. This might involve things like travelling, chatting about family, finances, and professional life, essentially providing you with a glimpse into their lives while also assisting you in making a better life for yourself. Lifestyle influencers have a huge impact on our way of life. Anyone may become a lifestyle influencer, and their content can include anything from fashion to travel to food to art to design. This lifestyle influencer is a great fit for a variety of companies. 

They are adaptable, which allows them to operate with virtually any brand. Even if some influencers focus on a certain topic, they are adaptable enough to promote a variety of items relating to that expertise. As previously said, lifestyle influencers publish stunning photographs and have perfect taste. This is one of the reasons for their big fan base. Many influencers include the word ‘Lifestyle’ in their profiles. It is simple to lump them all into one category, although they all have distinguishing traits. We’ve compiled a list of such lifestyle influencers that you should be aware of and perhaps subscribe to their channel if you’re seeking some fun and entertainment videos.

Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Influencers Creating Content in Hindi

Gaurav Taneja, nicknamed Flying Beast, is a YouTube influencer. He is passionate about fitness, nutrition, fashion, and lifestyle. Gaurav Taneja is a well-known YouTuber whose daily vlogs are the buzz of the town. He vlogs his everyday life and routine with his family, which draws the viewers in as he takes them on his daily trip. Furthermore, it captures attention because it is authentic, unedited, entertaining, and generates a sense of relatability.

On Flying Beast, he publishes films about his travels and vlogs, while on Rasbhari Ke Papa, he posts gaming material. FitMuscle TV, his third YouTube channel.

Prajakta Koli is an Indian YouTuber who specializes in funny videos. Her stage name is “MostlySane,” as she is recognized on YouTube. Her videos are mostly about realistic and observant humour about ordinary events.

Prajakta wishes to maintain things desi because, despite all of India’s modernity and westernization, particularly in Mumbai, every Indian is desi on the inside. She is the most popular female YouTube comedian in India.

She publishes movies of herself as a true entertainer, and with some of those jokes, she makes videos on #SawaalSaturday where she answers questions from her followers; she has over 200 videos. Real-Talk-Tuesday is back, and this time this Indian lifestyle influencer keeps it real about life, self-care, body care, personal life, regrets, and so on.

Gaurav Chaudhary is this Indian lifestyle influencer’s second YouTube channel that focuses on lifestyle-related content. He created this channel to engage with his audience more and offer some fascinating videos. He releases a new video every week called ‘Life Talks’. His second channel, Technical Guruji,” focuses on technology and creates easy-to-understand tech videos in Hindi. Aside from that, he works as a security professional in Dubai, manages his family’s business, and enjoys watching YouTube. Gaurav’s videos gained a lot of attention on YouTube even though his channel was still in its early stages. 

However, his technical acumen, originality, and ability to consistently produce high-quality content are the primary reasons for his immense popularity. Gaurav works as a security specialist and oversees his family company in addition to giving technical secrets and advice on the video-sharing website.

Tanmay Bhat is a comedian, playwright, actor, and producer from India. Along with Gursimranjeet Singh Khamba, he co-founded and was the previous CEO of the creative agency All India Bakchod (AIB). In 2018, he served as a judge on Season 1 of Comicstaan, a stand-up comedy competition that aired on television. In November 2019, Bhat returned to YouTube to stream PUBG: Battlegrounds.

He has started a second channel, ‘Honestly by Tanmay Bhat,’ where he hosts ‘learning streams’ and films with experts on a variety of topics. In January 2020, Bhat collaborated with YouTuber Saiman Says and enlisted the help of various comedians, including Sorabh Pant, Ajey Nagar, Kaneez Surka, and Zakir Khan, for the “TreeMathon 2020” live stream. The stream was an 8-hour live session in which players played the game ‘Getting Over It’ to assist Mission Green Mumbai and generate cash to plant as many trees as possible in response to the Aarey Milk Colony deforestation operation.

Nikhil has an intense passion for bicycling, Mumbiker Nikhil is every biker’s favorite YouTuber. He began his YouTube account by presenting unforgettable memories from his bicycle adventures. He is growing faster than any other channel. 

If you see his YouTube videos, you will understand why motorcyclists adore his riding style and content. His “Leh to Manali” video is a beautiful feast for his followers.

Ranveer Allahbadia is a well-known Indian social media entrepreneur. He is also a motivational speaker, leadership coach, and aspiring novelist. In addition, he is the host of India’s top podcast, “The Ranveer Show,” which is available in both English and Hindi.

His primary occupations, through which he began his career, are YouTuber, fitness trainer & entrepreneur, and social media influencer. During the early stages of his career, Ranveer used to mentor comedian and online content producer Tanmay Bhatt.

These top lifestyle influencer in India hosts podcasts with a variety of prominent people, including celebrities, sports figures, and others. Where the audience acquires extremely useful and in-depth knowledge and insight. He is also well-known for doing podcast conversations with several ex-Indian defense officers and spiritual leaders.

Anwesha Mukherjee maintains a fitness, beauty, and lifestyle blog and was named one of YouTube’s “Top 10 Fitness Influencers of India, 2018.” She is a YouTuber and social media influencer. She was inspired by numerous people and realized that she, too, could share her tips and methods with others on the internet. As a result, the channel began.

Her goal on YouTube has been clear since the day she began documenting her PCOD transformation journey: to assist and educate as many women as possible about the importance of exercise (mental & physical).

She has worked as a content developer for companies such as Samsung, Olay India, Whisper India, Healthkart, Tata Motors, VLCC, Head & Shoulders, and others.

Women in India, in particular, tend to disregard their health and prioritize their family over others. This Indian lifestyle and fitness influencer believes that concentrating on oneself or focusing on oneself is not selfish. It’s called SELF-LOVE.

That Boho Girl is the stage name of Kritika Khurana. This lifestyle influencer graduated from fashion design school and launched her YouTube channel in 2014, where she promotes her online clothes business, The Hype.

She like Bohemian fashion and elegant jewellery and uses the hashtag #bohogirlies to post outfit films, hairdo tips, and DIY and trip videos. She was selected Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Influencer of the Year 2020 in 2020, and she collaborates with major companies such as Pantene and Mama Earth.

.Despite her self-described introversion, this Indian lifestyle influencer on YouTube ventured to put herself out there and make amusing and instructive videos, which helped her acquire a large following. 


More significantly, she is utilizing her YouTube channel to present her work to a larger audience. She often posts videos on her YouTube channel that are heavily related to style and fashion.

Sonia Garg is most recognized for her work as a Youtuber, Blogger, and Social Media Influencer. Sonia Garg is a fashion blogger, vlogger, social media celebrity, and YouTuber from India. She is most known for her numerous fashion blogs. She started her blog, ‘Hervagabondlife,‘ while she was a teenager. Surprisingly, she rose to prominence very quickly! She has worked with well-known brands and businesses to date.

This Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer posts videos on hauls, skin care, daily routines, style, and other topics. She even has a separate playlist for each video. Her YouTube account contains around 20 playlists. She has previously worked with well-known brands and businesses.

Dolly Singh is a YouTuber from India. She is also a prominent video producer at ‘IDIVA,’ and she is well known on YouTube for portraying the characters Raju Ki Mummy’ and stereotyped ‘South Delhi females.’ Dolly is a witty and opinionated character.

Her talent goes viral because she never portrays herself as faultless. Dolly’s videos are inspired by the everyday, ordinary, and familiar things that we all go through. She introduces new fashion trends by sharing photographs, budget style videos, numerous clothing hacks, accessories, and so on.


These lifestyle influencers not only showcase their lives, and journeys on their social media handles but also enjoy a large sway in the purchase decisions of their followers. These lifestyle influencers in India create content around various topics including fashion, luxury lifestyle, makeup, fitness, food and travel. Through their content, these creators ensure that their audience gets value in the most subtle and entertaining way. The followers of these influencers look up to them for various things and are inclined towards considering their opinions, and recommendations as best and trustworthy. Brands collaborating with these lifestyle influencers in India can thus enjoy an edge over their competitors. Brands can reach out to their target audience via these influencers and can drive profitable business. 

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