Top 10 Indian Fitness Influencers

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Fitness influencers are trendsetters in today’s culture. They emphasize various areas of health and fitness, such as diets, physical activity, and training. These influencers also examine health, nutrition, and fitness-related items on the market as well as support and promote businesses and products to create awareness among their followers. With fitness and health becoming more popular in recent years, social media has become a popular platform for referring to and sharing personal experiences, tales, and perspectives on many elements of fitness. 

As awareness grows and more individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle, an increasing number of ordinary people are accomplishing lifetime milestones as top fitness influencers with their fans eager to hear fitness-related material straight from the horses’ mouths. And a slew of health bloggers and fitness Instagrammers have stepped forward to offer their services to assist us in reaching our objectives. These influencers work hard to exhibit various fitness routines, lifestyle adjustments, habit-building ideas, and even food suggestions for people all around the world to utilize as motivation in attaining their fitness goals! Here is the list of Top 10 Indian Fitness Influencers who inspire their audience to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle, one video at a time!

Top 10 Fitness Influencers In India (overall list):

Gaurav Taneja, sometimes known as Flying Beast, is a 35-year-old Indian YouTuber and Nutritionist. He is well-known for his YouTube videos on fitness, gaming, and his daily life vlogs. Gaurav Taneja is a pilot by trade, but he is also a living example of extraordinary health and fitness.

If you’re seeking reasons to stay occupied with your hectic schedule, this fitness fanatic disproves them all. He inspires all the hustlers and office goers to include exercise into their daily routines, no matter what.

He uploads Muscleblaze transformation, Complete muscle program, Nutrition, Complete Workouts, Supplements, Workout Variations, and many more to his YouTube channel FitMuscle TV, which has 2.09 subscribers.

Gaurav Taneja represented IIT Kharagpur in fitness several times, and he retained his interest in bodybuilding even after graduating from college. 

The only catch is that you must choose which issue to target and provide practical fitness solutions.

Sapna Vyas is a well-known fitness influencer in India and a trainer, model, health blogger, and YouTuber with 344K subscribers who provides her fans with practical and valuable health advice. She maintains a health and wellness channel where she discusses proper and wrong workout techniques as well as nutrition recommendations to help her visitors achieve their weight reduction objectives. She is one of India’s most prominent health and fitness influencers, with around 1.6 million Instagram followers.

She works with celebrities to help them stay fit. Sapna Vyas is a Weight Management Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Health Coach, and Behaviour Change Specialist as well certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Sapna Vyas worked her way through her rigorous fitness regimen, which mostly consisted of walking and strength training. She has created a name for herself through social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube channels, where she not only provides workout advice but also food and nutrition advice.

Sapna Vyas is passionate about fitness and health and teaches people how to lose weight and get healthy without using medications, crash diets, or surgery. Her fitness journey demonstrates that with commitment and intensive training, you can attain your fitness objectives.

Gurbani Judge is her given name. VJ Bani J is an actor, VJ, Roadie, and well-known fitness Instagram influencer in India. She is noted for her powerful body and grace, which have broken through limits and demonstrated that women can have beauty and muscle in perfect harmony. She has 1.5 million Instagram followers. she posts exercise routines and dietary tips for her bodybuilding secrets. She is an Indian fitness model and Myprotein India’s brand ambassador. 

Bani never skips a workout and follows a rigorous diet. Despite her rigorous schedule, this fitness influencer believes in giving fitness her all. Bani J’s training is the key to her incredible health and figure. She is never afraid to try new things with her workout program. She enjoys lifting weights at the gym, which are thought to be out of reach for women. She is not afraid of wing muscles and adores the way her body has changed since her makeover. Her motivational videos of her everyday fitness routine will undoubtedly inspire you.

 If you look at Bani J’s social media accounts, you will see that she is all about the gym and exercise! She is frequently seen sweating while lifting weights, doing push-ups, headstands, and other exercises.

And now, owing to all of her hard work and perseverance, Bani has a physique to die for, complete with great biceps, abs, and shoulder cuts. However, Bani J attributes some of her success to her strict diet.

Yasmin Karachiwala is a fitness specialist with 26 years of experience and a pioneer of the ‘Pilates’ physical exercise technique in India. She is a trained Pilates instructor and trainer. She is also known for training Bollywood actors such as Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Nora Fatehi, Vani Kapoor, Sophie Choudry, Ananya Pandey, and Khooshi Kapoor.

Yasmin is the only proprietor of Yasmin’s Body Image. It was a one-of-a-kind workout class with an emphasis on aerobics and palates that began more than two decades ago. Yasmin’s Body Image helps people from all areas of life create realistic objectives, with Yasmin and her team of qualified trainers assisting them. Genuine health and fitness, according to her, are a mix of exercise, diet, and lifestyle—and all three must operate in tandem.

This top Indian fitness influencer’s Instagram feed is filled with tidbits from her workout journals. The fitness trainer believes in providing daily encouragement to her Instagram followers. When it comes to health and fitness, Yasmin Karachiwala has always had us covered, whether it’s a workout regimen or a nutritious meal.

Varun informs his followers on the steps that should be taken to create a healthy lifestyle and encourages everyone to keep active. Managing time is a difficult endeavour for many, but making the right efforts and working towards a common goal will help you become a better version of yourself, both mentally and physically.

Varun Verma is an Indian actor and model who rose to prominence after appearing as a contestant on the 15th season of Roadies “Roadies X5: Rising.” He Came to Light After Winning Mr… Supranational India 2019. He was born in Delhi to a middle-class family. He attended Delhi’s Cambridge Foundation School before enrolling in the BCA program at Maharaja Surajmal Institute. 

Varun worked as a software developer in an MNC in Delhi after graduating from Janakpuri’s IITM to study MCA. He eventually learned about Mr India’s pageant. He quit his job and began training for the pageant. Varun began his modelling career by competing in the Mr India contest. He won the title “Peter England Mr Perfect Body” in the competition and then auditioned for MTV Roadies X5. Verma passed the auditions and was cast in the show.

Maintaining a happy attitude might assist you in living a healthy life. This Instagram fitness influencer in India engages in unselfish deeds, such as spending a day donating food as a gesture of generosity to those in need. Positive thinking, according to Varun, does not imply having your head in the clouds and blithely dismissing life’s terrible realities. It simply implies that you approach such circumstances more positively and effectively, that participation in such activities offers joy, and that living a healthy lifestyle is one method to promote a positive attitude about life.

Shweta Mehta, an IT professional health blogger, Instagram fitness influencer, and successful bodybuilding athlete, has a large Instagram following of 5625K. She is also one of India’s top health bloggers, writing on how to increase overall strength, the benefits of getting strong, dietary hacks, and some insights into her bodybuilding pursuits. Check out her site for incredible training regimens and strength-building sessions!

Shweta is the Roadies winner (Season 15). She also founded “Science of Nutrition” and “Hope by tsm.” Shweta is a software engineer by trade, but she is now a successful athlete and fitness fanatic who is well-known in her online community for her bodyweight exercises. In 2016, she also won the Jerai Women’s Physique and represented the country at the Asian Bodybuilding Championship. She then won the title MTV Ultimate Fitness Fan Season 2.

2015 was a watershed moment for her. Leaving her IT engineer job behind and changing into a fitness model was a difficult endeavour. But she was at an all-time high when she realized her DREAM of becoming the Winner Of Mtv Roadies Rising 2017, a platform that allowed her to demonstrate her power, concentration, and determination to win.

From being a careless individual who put off efforts toward good health to becoming a professional athlete, she feels that there is nothing more lovely than doing what your heart dictates and then putting in serious efforts to make that desire a reality.

Rohit Khatri is one of India’s top health and fitness influencers. He was born and reared in the Indian capital of New Delhi. Rohit is a fitness enthusiast and Sports Science Nutritionist best known for teaching fitness regimens and showing modelling images to his over 558,000 Instagram followers.  On his social media platforms, he is always sharing fitness ideas and thoughts.

Rahul has a Fitness Instructor who has a YouTube channel, where he posts lengthy video footage about exercises and training programs. As a well-known figure, this Indian health and fitness influencer on Instagram, sets new examples on social media every day, encouraging a large number of young people. He shares his workout content on Instagram and YouTube, as well as vlogs, and he gained more fans. 

Body and strength met one of the finest fitness transformation tales today. His YouTube fitness blogging journey began while he was in college. It brings him great joy, but there is also the pressure to gain more subscribers and create meaningful content for the audience. As a Sports Science Nutritionist, he understands how to select the best items from among thousands. He selects quality items from hundreds to evaluate to deliver relevant information to his viewers.

Rohit’s tale demonstrates how a social media platform can be both motivating and useful in spreading knowledge to people.

Radhika Bose, a Yoga enthusiast, and Fitness Blogger ascended to the status of Superwoman. Radhika Bose, also known as Yogasini, has worked with several well-known companies, including Fabindia, American Eagle India, and others. She has inspired many people with her videos advocating healthy living, and she has been published in prestigious magazines such as the Delhi Times, Mid Day, Exhibit, and others.

Yogi is well-known for her Yogasini Yoga-based fitness company. Her blog of the same name has acquired tremendous popularity for sharing her yoga flows, preferred workout routines, and lifestyle pieces that have included travel and beauty recommendations. This inspiring Indian female fitness influencer describes how working out is a war with oneself rather than the rest of the world. She has been doing yoga for over 9 years and believes in challenging herself regularly.

Radhika will motivate and inspire you throughout the day with Body Positivity, Fitness Goals, Wellness, Travel, and Lifestyle. A breath of fresh air is provided by her straightforward, on-point body-positive articles. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s something for everyone who wants to start or advance their fitness journey on her channel. She keeps things straightforward and approachable. If you wish to transform your life by introducing new dynamics, follow her on Instagram.

Jeet Selal is a Fitness Coach and Youth Icon for all Fitness Addicts and Gymgoers, and a very well-known and popular Indian fitness YouTuber. He is a Professional Fitness Model and a Certified Advanced Fitness Trainer. CEO, and founder of Nutrition Brand Himalayan Stallion. His nutrition brand advocates natural methods of the physical building. 

 Many men aspire to have Jeet’s massive biceps and six-pack abs. While it’s okay to want to enhance your physique, it won’t matter if your lower body isn’t as powerful. Because your legs support the whole weight of your torso, they must be as fit and flexible as any muscle group in your upper body.

 Furthermore, you must maintain your leg mobility because its muscles assist daily actions such as bending, lifting, lunging, and squatting. His leg routine, for example, works on all of the leg muscles individually to build the lower body holistically. His most popular YouTube video shows 5 Bicep Curl Mistakes, he begins by focusing on some posture, neutral grip, eccentric overload, and cheat rep benefits that have helped him get more toned and powerful biceps.

 Jeet is well-known not just for his incredible body, but also for his character, expertise, great knowledge, and quality content in promoting the sports fitness business.

Deanne is a health coach, author, and blogger who walks the walk, looking healthy and stunning at 53. She is a fitness guru who has also written two books, ‘I’m Not Stressed,’ ‘Shut Up and Train!,’ and ‘Balance.’ She has also worked as a fitness trainer for celebrities such as Bipasha Basu and John Abraham.

Deanne Panday believes in a good mentality, healthy habits, and clean food for well-being rather than dieting. 

Her book, ‘Balance’, is a must-read that may change your life. This Indian female fitness influencer on Instagram discusses the 13 essential aspects that contribute to a happy and healthy existence in balance. To live a happy, healthy life, the 13 key factors — relationship, home environment, finance, career, health, physical wellness, spirituality, joy, home-cooked food, creativity, education, social life, and the influence of climate change on health — must be in harmony.

She suggested “You must slow down. You may slow down by scheduling time for yourself. Practice yoga. Play some music. Light some sage in your room, add a few greens and convert your house into a healing haven. Self-care must be prioritized. Only when you are happy can you make others happy.”

Her wellness journey as a fitness trainer and influencer began two decades ago when she made yoga chic in Bollywood’s glitzy circles. Fitness is more than simply hours spent at the gym for her, who believe in being attractive from the inside out. Check out this top Indian health and fitness influencer’s Instagram page if you want to get a little healthier.


Top fitness influencers in India are currently one of the most thriving marketing sectors of the influencer community. And Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for influencer marketing. After two years of a pandemic and worsening health, it is time to take control of our fitness. With the assistance of these top 10 Indian fitness influencers, India is gaining new health and fitness objectives, which will result in the entire nation being more healthy. The day is not far off when most Indians, men, and women alike, will become outstanding models of active creatures, assisting the public in becoming fit and healthy.

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