Top 10 Indian English Beauty Channels To Follow On Youtube

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There are many possible reasons why we trust reviews by beauty influencers. The most prominent reason is that we don’t have the resources to try all the products and find those that suit us the most. Beauty influencers, with their trademarks, offer their preferences in a simple, friendly, and easy approach for us to understand. Thus, we trust them to be the judge.

As consumers are given a peek into what products to use, beauty brands also benefit from these influencers that help them grow their business and craft products that consumers will want to use. Beauty brands are no longer the space of ‘one product fits all’, they are also evolving with the influencers and the markets. Being an e-commerce influencer marketing agency in India, here we are with a list of the top 10 beauty influencers in India creating content in English.

Top 10 Indian Beauty Channels in English:

She says that she is elated to have several Telugites among her followers. Akanksha was a part of the IPL  in her own way as she made a reel on the IPL team’s jersey outfit changes. This reel was also showcased on television while the actual IPL match was being played. Akanksha knows how to engage her audience. 

Her content ranges from tips and tricks for shooting, skincare,  hair styling, makeup looks, and recreation of looks from celebrities and series to making her looks on the platform using trending reels. 

When asked about paid promotions, she says, “I understand the disinterest in paid posts but it’s how content creators make a living. Sometimes because one doesn’t interact with a post, the other person might find it useful and will not be able to see the post at all because Instagram decides it’s not worth pushing seeing a lack of engagement.”

Skincare Q&A’s, Hauls, Myntra finds are some videos she frequently makes. She is also known as ‘The Sass Thing’ on social media platforms.  Her audience swears by her recommendations. The young influencer is well known for her aesthetic looks and for having a very friendly personality. Her audience also shows a lot of love for her very cute dimples that would mesmerize anyone within seconds. 

This top Indian beauty influencer on YouTube has co-founded a clothing brand called ‘Label Tasos’ and has been seen showcasing her interest in bespoke clothing. Lovingly called Michu, this girl is enough to brighten up your day.

Mrunal Panchal as of late collaborated with King Bach for one of her recordings. She met the American on-screen character during her visit to Los Angeles. Often seen with her partner Anirudh Sharma, they both were featured in the song Tum Kaho Toh. She also posted an image of her achievements on social media and Mrunal Panchal also received the first runner-up award for Social Media Personality of the Year and Beauty Influencer of the Year. 

Her energy is contagious and is seen as lively on both her Instagram and her YouTube vlogs. This Indian beauty YouTuber has an avid collection of international beauty products and loves creating looks with the same. This is something you should check out before your international trips. 

She has worked with brands like Faces Canada, Maybelline, Garnier, Lakme, Amazon Prime and NYX just to name a few. 

Malvika loves dressing up and experimenting with makeup. Her tutorials are easy to follow and fun to watch.

Love highlighters but wondering which one to buy? Are you excited about your date night but agonizing over your makeup? Or maybe you wish to look like a royal princess at your wedding? You know what to do! Visit Malvika’s digital lookbook for inspiration! Malvika shares her honest views on Sugar, ELF, LA Girl, Too Faced, Maybelline, Rufa Beauty and more.

Malvika has styled her look with – Huda Beauty; Colorbar Cosmetics; The Face Shop; Clinique; Estée Lauder; Becca Cosmetics; M·A·C Cosmetics; Sulwhasoo India and more. Do drop in at Malvika’s online salon for beauty tips and tricks

She started as a blogger under the name ‘The Snob Jornal’ and now is a YouTuber, Model, Influencer and Entrepreneur. 

And has also appeared on Tedx twice to share her story and inspire others. Interviewed by another creator and Youtube on The Ranveer Show about her journey and CNBC tv18. She was featured on Myntra Fashion Superstar season 3 and was a judge for the same. 

She shares her struggle with acne, and brands she likes and uses and has also been featured on Clinique multiple times.  You will also find her using her fellow creator’s products and endorsing them. This Indian beauty vlogger on YouTube also has her own brand called ‘The Snob Shop’ online.

She started her blog called ‘All She Needs’ in 2008 and her YouTube channel in 2013. She has been awarded the Cosmopolitan Indian Best Beauty Blogger. 

Associated with UNICEF to promote girl hygiene also recently, Banerjee has also started her own beauty brand called ‘Debasree beauty’ that ships globally. A brand that sells fun colour pigments to do make-up and is vegan and cruelty-free. 

After working with multiple brands like Smashbox, MAC, Clinique, Nykaa, and Maybelline and having her own brand, this beauty influencer in India is one of the more reliable creators that will always give you great advice when it comes to beauty and makeup.

Shreya creates skincare, haircare, and makeup-related content. In her work, she has tested about every beauty brand, from lipstick, kajal, eyeliner, eye shadows, and blush to highlighter and other items. In addition to being a YouTuber, she is an Indian fashion stylist, blogger, and lifestyle influencer

She enjoys making comparison reels in the form of “Top 5“. She evaluated everything from Indian cosmetic companies to international goods such as MAC, Huda Beauty, and others so beautifully that viewers understood every detail of the items. She has worked with a variety of businesses, and if you haven’t already, you should check out her beauty videos. 

This Indian beauty YouTuber has a blog, which is called Beauty in the third world.

Himadri is like your girl next door doing everything from makeup, skincare, lifestyle and fashion. She creates content that is relatable and also entertaining. 

Her life is covered on her vlogs and as she goes on, you get to know her. She creates videos on trending topics in her chosen genres. She keeps it real by showing the good and bad sides of the spectrum. 

She answers questions related to her assumptions and also has made a video where she takes her housekeeper’s help for a pampering session. Such is the personality of Himadri. 

This beauty influencer in India has won the @youtubeindia NEXT UP BEAUTY CREATOR 2020 and the @wibaindia best beauty influencer ’21. 

Jovita George is a beauty vlogger, fashion model, content creator, and social media influencer. She is primarily known for sharing information about beauty, makeup, lifestyle accessories, etc in her videos.  

Jovita is a highly educated woman. She is a creative person who is passionate about creation. She has been creating a variety of DIY projects, stylish outfits, tools and designs since childhood. After completing her graduation she worked with various organizations in different positions such as software engineer, marketing manager, photoshoot stylist, art director and TV presenter. 

She is also a fashion model and going through her multifaceted professional journey she found that vlogging about fashion and beauty is her real passion so she started making youtube videos. This beauty YouTuber in India also won the title of Miss Kerala in 2005.

She is known to test hacks, create different cultural makeup looks and work with multiple brands like PAC.

Shivani makes some really interesting thumbnail banners for all her Youtube videos which just grab your attention.  She has very loyal followers and is always on trend with the upcoming hacks, tips, tricks, reel trends and brands.

With her content relatable and relevant, this Indian beauty influencer has collaborated with numerous brands including Renee Cosmetics and Amazon.


Being a beauty and makeup influencer marketing agency in India, we raise the battle for beauty brands to stand out in the market. With increasing saturation and hyper-competition in the beauty and makeup industry, it has become crucial for brands to craft a successful Instagram and YouTube influencer marketing strategy in order to effectively reach out to their potential customers.

At Confluencr, being India’s largest influencer marketing agency, we realise the immense potential of these rising beauty influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these rising social media beauty influencers. We have curated a network of leading Instagram and YouTube beauty influencers across the globe and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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