Top 10 Indian Comedy Influencers on Twitter

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People used to believe that Twitter was only for “know-it-alls.” With individuals shouting over every rain-fed puddle, evaluating celebrity assets, and hawking political propaganda in the name of public spirit; with Trends shifting every hour of the day, what is one expected to follow? Twitter may appear to be a lot of effort. But then people understood it didn’t have to be that way! If you choose the appropriate people to follow, the whole affair may be enjoyable, because everyone enjoys a good joke! 

Indian comedy influencers are not only funny in person but also take it to Twitter to share entertaining content. They have produced a new type of humour that is difficult to explain in a single word. It’s a cross between satire, current events, pop culture, and stream of consciousness, all wrapped up in 170 characters or fewer. Whether you enjoy parody, classic comedians, sports commentary, girlie rants, or very bizarre internet comedy, there’s certain to be at least one account in the list below that will make you chuckle. Here are the top 10 Indian comedy influencers on Twitter to follow for a daily dose of laughter!

Top 10 Indian Comedy Influencers on Twitter:

He has over followers and is well-known in the comedy scene and beyond. If you’ve had a good chuckle at the Filmfare Awards, this is the man behind the funny scripts. He has been a member of numerous notable performances, including Weirdass Company and the All India Bakchod, and he has also been dubbed the Comedy King.

He’s finally found his feet in the digital arena, thanks to regular collaborations with other comic luminaries. His legendary open mic stint and ‘Local Heroes‘ are quite refreshing. Few people are aware that this Indian comedian is also an enthusiastic blogger in addition to being social media savvy.

While Ramesh Srivats and Avinash Iyer are well-known for their puns, Pagal Patrakar offers his perspective on faking news. And who can forget the incomparable Fake Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and his arrogant I-Am-God sense of humour?

His tweets frequently concentrate on current events, with a dash of sarcasm and satire thrown in for good measure. He is an expert at communicating his point while maintaining a keen sense of humour!

Twitter has emerged as the new platform for expressing or opposing one’s viewpoint. Though Twitter is well-known for its social media ‘Wars,’ it has also enabled fans to watch the game via live-tweeting. “Cricket discussions are like anything else on Twitter: half ignorant and trolling, half insightful and clever,” he says. 

His tweets mock the government schemes and shed light on their shortcomings. They are amusing while also making a lot of sense.

Sorabh Pant has been named one of India’s top ten stand-up comedians. He satirizes politics, entertainment, and cricket, among other things. He has performed around the country and has over 2.5 million Twitter followers.

Sorabh Pant was an early arrival into Indian comic circles, where he began his career working with Vir Das. In 2012, he co-founded the comic troupe East India Comedy, with whom he performed in comedy clubs around the country and worldwide. Among his fascinating facts are Engineering Colleges: Stupid WhatsApp Rules and Uncles?. Do check out the Twitter spaces of this Indian comedy influencer on Twitter.

Akshar Pathak is easily one of the most prominent content creators in 2022, with over 491K Instagram followers and 1.8M Twitter followers. He is a partner at ScoopWhoop Media Pvt. Ltd.

He’s the brains behind some of Zomato’s most print advertisements, but he’s also known for his byte-sized truth bombs, paradoxes, and existential crises that no one needs but everyone craves.

We believe that the only thing more powerful right now than Akshar Pathak is a petition to have Akshar Pathak become the official commentator on everyone’s life. If you’re having a terrible day and need a pick-me-up, this Twitter comedy influencer’s amusing tweets are just what you need!

This is not a spoof of Sachin Tendulkar’s biography. Apoorv Sood is the name behind the famous Trendulkar. He is an enthusiastic sports lover, an ex-navy guy, and a new-age social media influencer.

Apoorv Sood attributes his fame to the combination of the Cricket World Cup and the #Trending hashtag on Twitter, which grew from a few followers in 2011 to 1.2 million+ followers in 2022. He began live Tweeting matches with amusing one-liners that drew the attention of numerous Twitter users. Fortunately, the habit lives on, so we won’t be saying goodbye to Trendulkar anytime soon.

Sachin may have retired but Trendulkar shows no signs of slowing down on social media!

According to this Indian Twitter influencer’s tweets, he is “Forever Alone.” Yes, he is a sports lover, but he also tweets about books he reads, movies he sees, cars he rides in, and so on; all of which are sharp and amusing!

Flaunting a whopping 1.1M follower base on Twitter, this Indian comedy influencer is all you need to check out on a low day. A fan of Arnab Goswami, this Indian twitter influencer makes it a point to make you laugh through and through with all the sarcasm and satire in his tweets.

A game collector, as he describes himself, all we know is that, despite continuously providing us with Vine-style material, the Misheard Lyrics series, the KaanMasti podcast, gaming hacks, heated opinions on the week’s biggest stories, and everyday peeks into his life as a dad, it’s not enough.

He is well-known for his 7-minute flicks. Insane. Absurd. Crazy. Describe his sense of humour. We hope you had a nice chuckle.

Amit Bhadana is a YouTuber who primarily makes comedic videos. After completing his LLB, he strayed from his studies and began creating amusing stuff. In 2012, he launched his YouTube channel. He is also a brand ambassador for Mobile Premier League, an online gaming platform. He has 24 million YouTube subscribers, 8.3million Instagram followers, 9.1 million Facebook followers, and 780.4k Twitter followers.

Amit Bhadana is also one of the best and most entertaining YouTubers. One of the reasons his movies are so popular with the Indian public, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, is because his characters and tales are based on actual people and events. This multi-talented dynamo not only writes but also directs and edits his videos.

Amit is noted for the unusual rhyming lines he uses in his movies, and he creates the script and edits those videos himself, demonstrating his dedication to his profession. He is extremely open to communicating with his followers and constantly encourages tiny creators.

Gursimran Khamba is a well-known Social Media Influencer and Content Creator. His social media platforms have millions of followers and a big fan base. Gursimran Khamba rose to prominence when his social media videos went viral. He also uploaded videos to YouTube and his Instagram account.

He made his first impact with his videos when he was quite young. He is not only capable of creating current hilarious films, but he is also proficient in his subject of study. Gursimran Khamba’s Instagram is full of trendy photos about his life and his cute dog. On his Twitter bio, he exhibits a terrific sense of humour and serves as the founder of All India Bakchod

Aditi Mittal is an Indian comedian, actor, performer, and author who can only manage one of the three positions well. You’ll see her streaming videos on Instagram, Twitter, and over-sharing on Facebook about their personal life.

Her debut stand-up series, “Things You Won’t Let Me Say,” is available on Netflix, as is her second special, “Girl Meets Mic,” and  her stand-up, “Global Village Idiot.”

She was one of the first women to do stand-up comedy, which makes her an inspiration to many. The Times of India named her one of the top 10,000 stand-up comedians in India. She is the first person to defy expectations by adopting a new path; her fearlessness is what has made her renowned. She can speak. She makes her voice heard. She’s usually hilarious and to the point.

Her jokes cover a wide range of cultural concerns and women’s challenges in India. Her most popular online activities were The Story of Madhumakkhi and Bra Shopping.


The path to Twitter popularity begins with a few well-crafted jokes. Many prominent businesses have discovered this to be having created a large following on the strength of their sense of humour. This isn’t to claim that they are the sole accounts. There are millions of humorous tweeters out there; share your favourites. Twitter follower reduction implies that it is more vital than ever to develop a Twitter account organically. When it comes to being hilarious on Twitter, there are a few things you can learn from these top comedy influencers in particular. You must be creative, and relevant, and incorporate your brand’s essence into your content. Twitter is filled with folks who have a joke for anything you can think of. From celebrities to politicians, these are some of the most amusing Twitter accounts we’ve come across, and following them will be the finest thing you do for yourself.

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