Top 10 Indian Blogs Offering Career Advice

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What was the most recent book you read about personal development? You should strive to read more for several reasons. Reading is calming, improves memory, increases vocabulary, and educates you. We understand that few people have the time to read novels due to their busy lives. Being in the era of blogging is a blessing. Online articles may offer insightful information and serve as excellent conversation starters. Your best resource for connecting with the world of job seeking is career-focused websites. 

Whether you’re in your last year of a graduate degree and want to be ready for your job search or a semi-professional wanting to further your career, you’ll get great advice from seasoned career gurus. Besides offering amazing career advice, these career blogs have also given a great boost to edtech businesses. Blogging has become an effective content marketing tool for businesses, and to inspire you to begin blogging, here’s our pick on some of the best Indian career blogs that are nailing it with high-quality content.

Top 10 Indian Blogs Offering Career Advice:

Silicone India is a website where visitors can obtain information about technology, real estate, healthcare, education, and other topics. They provide blogs on Innovation and Technology, RBI Laws and How they affect P2P Enterprises, and other information that you might find interesting. Silicon India is a supporter of the bilateral business corridor, serving as a vital venue for professionals to communicate, exchange ideas, create business partnerships, and share their experiences—a generous offer.

Silicon India delivers exclusive and original information in the form of tales about Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Great Technologists, and established CXOs, as well as Business Analysis, Leading Technological Trends, and Opinions.

Apart from technology, they have gained knowledge and expanded their niche in a variety of fields. Over the years, Silicon India has expanded into industries ranging from Enterprise Services to Healthcare, Education, Consultants, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Startups.

Chegg India aims to increase the total return on investment in education by assisting students in learning more in less time and at a cheaper cost engaged. Their Subject Matter Experts are in charge of answering questions posted by students pursuing their graduation or post-graduation in subjects such as Finance and Operations Management, and they always try to keep their users engaged by organizing expert meetups where users can meet their peers and expand their network to excel in their career.

Career counselling is a process that will help users understand themself as well as the workplace so that users may make educated career, educational, and life decisions. 

The blog provides information on the Importance of Career Counselling and Obstacles in Career Counselling, as-well-as resume and interview suggestions, career guidance, and articles about employment.

AMCAT is the world’s biggest employment test, with over 2 million students taking it each year. AMCAT enables job searchers to assess their work abilities, obtain industry-recognized qualifications, and identify suitable employment prospects. AMCAT provides students with extensive employability evaluations as well as tools for developing skills and enhancing their chances of landing a job. Furthermore, this test AMCAT will expose you to a variety of employers.

The AMCAT test measures your employability and evaluates your skill set. Additionally, it provides you with a thorough feedback report on your strengths and shortcomings, which will aid in your search for the best employment for your skill set.

Due to this, several schools and institutions are attempting to make the AMCAT exam mandatory for their students, particularly during their final year. Many students received assistance from this program in getting employment offers from numerous renowned companies.

The employability exam is the latest buzzword in the job-hunting world and this blog breaks it down into simple digestible pieces of advice on AMCAT.

For students wanting to pursue undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs in India and abroad, Career Mantra is a one-stop shop that makes course and college selection simple. Users on the go may also access the website through its mobile site. They have a registered database of more than 10 lakh students, and their website is a source of accurate and legitimate information for more than 1500 schools and more than 25,000 courses. For students interested in UG/PG programs in India and abroad in the three most popular academic fields—management, science, and engineering—as well as banking and finance, Career Mantra provides detailed information.

This top Indian blog for career advice offers you events and seminars in several locations that improve networking with other applicants, as well as counselling, training, GD/PI, and enticing MBA scholarships. Visitors to their website receive a customized experience based on their educational background and professional interests, empowering them to make educated decisions about their course and college choices. The decision-making process is facilitated by easy access to detailed information on career options, courses, exams, colleges, admission requirements, eligibility, fees, placement statistics, rankings, reviews, scholarships, and the most recent updates, among other topics. It is also facilitated by interaction with other users of career mantras, subject matter experts, current college students, and alumni groups.

The main focus of the Career Mantra is to help students close the gap between their current circumstances and their long-term goals by addressing their desire for knowledge and their need to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. Confidence and motivation are then used as vehicles to guide students down the path to success.

Mentoria is a career counselling and mentorship platform that helps students and working professionals find themselves as well as the courses and occupations in which they will flourish. Their professional staff of Psychologists, Psychometricians, Content Researchers, Counseling Experts, and Subject Matter Experts will guarantee that all of their users enjoy an exciting voyage of career discovery as they learn which vocation is ideal for them. Mentoria is motivated by the desire to raise generations of happier, more productive, and successful people. It will assist you in taking charge and fearlessly accepting greater responsibility for the future you want for yourself.

They talked with almost 3000 people to learn about the stress and trauma that students face and discovered that the majority of them were stressed because they were concerned about their future. With over 12,000 work options to choose from, they can understand where this anxiety comes from. That is why they developed a one-of-a-kind and practical solution that allows individuals to discover the job that will make them the happiest and most successful, and then supports them every step of the way.

Get Set Resumes will work with you and assist you until you land the job you want. Many resumes are written by the business. In fact, since 2011, they have written more than 25000 resumes! They have a global clientele and are based in India. Major media publications like The Times of India and The Indian Express have featured them.

The resume writing services provider Get Set Resumes has received multiple nominations in Asia and India. The resume packages include a 6-month revision period and unlimited edits.

Get Set Resumes is an award-winning professional resume / CV writing service that serves clients from over 26 countries, including India, the United States, Australia, the Middle East, and the Gulf States

They create tailored, specialized, professional, powerful, and modern resumes, CVs, biographies, LinkedIn profiles, and letters that attract recruiters and result in an immediate interview call.

7. Scholar Strategy

Scholar Strategy
Scholar Strategy is a platform for Indian engineers interested in pursuing graduate study at overseas universities. The book “Smart Engineer’s Guide to MS in the USA” was also published. You may make your Master’s degree plans official. This book may be very helpful to you at many phases of your application process, from choosing the proper institution to crafting the ideal version of your SOP to managing your funds and getting ready for the Visa, all in one spot, with less than a month before the university deadlines. We heartily urge everyone interested in pursuing a Master’s to read this book.
Scholar Strategy offers many packages with choices such as assistance with Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Visa Counseling, and more. They have no affiliations with institutions; their sole mission is to assist you in developing a successful and joyful career. You can get information about career counselling, job assistance, and MBA counselling sessions from Columbia Advisers. You may also obtain career advice on scholar strategy from this website, as well as employment chances once you’ve completed your MBA or MS.

One of the most reliable, modern, and forward-thinking platforms for young people who want to carve out careers in writing or blogging is Buddy Mantra. Every writer is inspired to work hard and produce quality writing to receive some sort of sense of acknowledgement by the phrase “Buddy-Mantra,” which offers an excellent way of building wealth with such a platform. They now have a small group of bloggers and vloggers that enjoy writing and using words to express their thoughts and opinions.

For career tips, methods, and assistance for job searchers to career counselling, Buddy Mantra is constantly on the move to assist young authors in keeping track of their ravenous and constantly active minds, as well as their ability in developing new ideas with the curation of wholly original material. Their formula for success comprises learning from their errors and inventing solutions to them to help them become the writers they desire.

Vikings Career Strategists is a session focusing on comprehensive job counselling, which includes an online personality evaluation as well as individualized coaching from a seasoned career coach. Students will receive a 12-page report with the finest career suggestions. They include a guide to Online Psychometric Tests, Academic Assessment, Skills Assessment, and Mapping Family Background and Goals.

Vikings is a platform for tailored and data-driven career guidance and study abroad (MBA, MIM, MS, and Bachelors) with specialists with a combined 10 years of expertise. They assist students and professionals in overcoming obstacles in their quest for a successful career. They concentrate on comprehensive career counselling, beginning with your education. They think that everyone is unique and that tailored advice may help you reach your full potential.

IGS (Inspire Global Solutions) is a recruiting consultancy that offers broad-based experience at a reasonable charge that will not make a dent in their clients’ pockets. As “Inspire global solutions,” they give solutions for establishing the prerequisites and job objectives that you have always desired.

They will deliver a full variety of recruitment consulting services to their clients, and work hard to provide the consulting services and staffing solutions that their clients demand to achieve their company objectives.


Blogging has several advantages that benefit both companies and their audiences in different ways. By blogging, you may demonstrate your professional expertise and gain more visibility across your niche. Besides providing detailed information to your readers, blogs also help to feature SEO-rich content that in turn enhances the reach and credibility of your brand. Collaborating with top-performing bloggers can help brands simplify their content creation process and get showcased in front of a majority of niche-specific audiences and enjoy a thought leadership position in the market.

Confluencr, as a worldwide influencer marketing agency, recognizes the enormous potential of these Indian Business Bloggers offering career advice. We want to assist our clients in establishing connections with these influencers. We have created a network of prominent influencers in India and can assist you in getting your network in front of the appropriate audience, at the right time, and via the right set of influencers. Want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected]  and we’ll get back to you straight away!

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