Top 10 Gaming Influencers On YouTube in India

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Over the last few years, the gaming business has skyrocketed in popularity. The sector is still growing and, according to Mordor Intelligence, is predicted to generate more than USD 471.30 billion in sales in a decade. As they say, enthusiasm and hard effort do not go unnoticed, and the work of these gamers is no exception; several of these individuals are now among the top Indian Gamers on Instagram. Nowadays, there are several gaming channels on various social media sites. In India, too, the gaming business has grown in popularity, and many individuals are now turning to games as a primary source of income. Over time, the best YouTube gamers have grown in popularity and experience, as they have successfully built a community of people like-minded people. Brands offering gaming services are on a constant lookout for these gaming influencers as credible sources to promote their products. Being a YouTube influencer marketing agency, we have curated a list of top 10 gaming influencers on YouTube, that are influencing communities with their gaming skills.

Top 10 Gaming Influencers on YouTube in India

Mithilesh Patankar, nicknamed Mythpat, is a Gaming Influencer noted for his unique entertainment value. He is the only Indian to be nominated twice in a row and won Streamy Awards in the International. Mythpat injects comedy and imitation into his gaming videos, which are revolutionising the Indian gaming landscape and capturing the attention of millions of people worldwide. He has effectively blurred the borders and brought together the gaming and entertainment communities under one roof with his colourful and joyous content. He became the first Indian Gamer to work with Marvel Studios (during a fun conversation with Marvel Superhero Simu Liu). In addition, he founded The Mythpat Podcast, India’s first gaming and entertainment podcast, on Spotify. Netflix is another platform for which Mythpat is known to make content.

Ajey Nagar is a Comedian, Gamer, Rapper, and Gaming Influencer from India. Everyone knows him as CarryMinati, the name of his YouTube channel. CarryisLive is one of India’s top gaming YouTubers, and he sells his merchandise on sites like TeeShopper, Hattsoff Store, and YNT Store. Aside from living to the game, he is mostly interested in the creation of diss songs, sarcastic parodies, and humour. He is well-known for his unique and animated Hindi-language comments. CarryMinati has five YouTube Creator Awards in total, including two Silver Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), and two Golden Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), and one Diamond Play Button for Carryminati. 

Aaditya D. Sawant made the most of a new fad of a game by riding the storm around PUBG mobile gaming in India and boosting his name via it. He is not just a great gamer but also a great gaming influencer. He is a YouTuber, Gamer, and Gaming Influencer from India. Everyone knows him as Dynamo Gaming, the name of his YouTube channel. Aaditya

Sawant mostly uploads videos about different gaming hacks, game reviews, gaming event details, and unboxing videos. He is well-known for his PUBG live broadcasts, hacks, and tips. 

Nischay Malhan is a content producer, web developer, gamer, and gaming influencer from India. Everyone knows him as Triggered Insaan, the name of his primary YouTube channel, where he posts funny videos about roasts, rants, and responses. He does, however, provide gaming videos on his other YouTube channel, Live Insaan. Nischay Malhan works as a content developer for Team Vitality India, a major esports team based in France that has expanded into India

As “Mortal,” Naman Mathur is extremely famous among Gen Z across the country. Without a doubt, he is one of Indias top gaming influencers on YouTube. He achieved this distinction by representing India in international PUBG competitions as a member of Team SOUL

Naman Mathur is a YouTuber, Player, and Gaming Influencer from India. Everyone knows him as MortaL, the name of his YouTube channel. MortaL is a well-known PUBG broadcaster who is well-known for critiquing and generating innovative PUBG videos. He also gives his thoughts on various games and gaming platforms. Furthermore, MortaL has lately been affiliated with businesses such as OnePlus and Omlet Arcade as a gaming influencer. 

Tanmay Singh, better known as “Sc0utOP,” is an E-sports Player who has represented India in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and is one of the most popular YouTubers. Scout is well-known in PUBG for his entry fragging methods. Scout was inspired by the game CS Go, in which a pistol named Scout appeared, and he used to use it frequently and masterfully. As a result, he became known as “Scout.”

Jonathan Amaral is a professional Indian e-sports athlete, PUBG mobile player, streamer, gaming content creator, and social media influencer from Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is currently better known by his online stage name Jonathan Gaming. 

Aside from them, he is a member of the TSM Entity E-sports group and their IGL (In-Game Leader). 

He is a very strong player in PUBG Mobile; nevertheless, the gaming community began to label him as a hacker, on which he explained making no use of hacks. 

He is a well-known PUBG Mobile player for his incredible playing strategies and talents. He is one of the most lethal PUBG Mobile gamers on the planet. He also won PMIS 2020 tournaments as well.

Another of the top gaming influencers on Instagram, Rony Dasgupta, is known for his out-of-the-box, humorous background commentary. He has incredible game-play abilities and shoots extremely accurate

Ronodeep Dasgupta is a YouTuber, digital creator, gamer, and gaming influencer from India. You can also read HypeAuditors YouTube numbers and analytics report for The RawKnee Games account.

In the last few years, Anshu Bisht, nicknamed GamerFleet, has progressed from a middle-class youngster to a household name. Suppose you are unfamiliar with him. His path to millions of subscribers was paved with some of the most difficult obstacles, and Gamerfleet had to work for years before achieving the fame he has now. 

With a little luck and fortuitous meetings with some of the industry’s top names, Gamerfleet has evolved to be one of India’s most popular video game YouTube channels.

Many presents and emerging players in the BGMI community see Snax as an idol. His hard work and humble demeanour have helped him become a fan favourite. 

He is currently one of the country’s most popular gaming YouTubers. Thousands of people tune in every day to watch his live streams, where he teaches his audience tips and techniques. He is also a renowned esports athlete known as the “DP king” because of his amazing DP-28 burst fire. 

Snax has been a mainstay with Team XO in both official and third-party esports competitions and scrims since his transfer from Velocity Gaming following BGIS.

He is also a member of the 8bit Creatives as a content creator.


Gaming influencers provide outstanding engagement and assist marketers in reaching a young, predominantly male, but the diversified audience. The popularity of esports, as well as the quick rise of gaming platforms such has increased its reach even more. Digital games are a very recent type of entertainment. They are more engaging and engrossing than traditional board games and other types of entertainment. The player actively contributes to the degree of enjoyment he or she receives from this medium and, as a result, is more involved and eager to engage in the video gaming platforms. The amount of gameplay also has an impact on the impacts of gaming. Although excessive playing can be harmful, gaming in moderation can be beneficial, enjoyable, and instructive. 

We at Confluencr see the skills of these creators in the gaming world. Their dedication to their games as a profession is what lets us do what we do by connecting brands and creators to each other. Want to know more about influencer marketing and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected], and we shall get right back to you!

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