Top 10 Gaming Influencers On Instagram

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Individuals who create content on and around gaming aimed to inspire and entertain their viewers through amazing gaming skills are known as gaming Instagrammers / influencers. They do so by live-streaming their gameplay videos and sharing their match videos with background commentary. We have compiled the list of the top gaming influencers in India who also have great Instagram gaming profiles. These YouTube gamers are not only brilliant at what they do but also are amazing entertainers as well. 

The live hilarious commentary in their live sessions on their gaming YouTube channels is something that will keep you entertained throughout. Besides, not forgetting to mention, this comprehensive list of the top 10 Indian gaming influencers on Instagram is a great medium for gaming and tech brands to leverage their Instagram influencer marketing strategies. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Top 10 Indian Gaming Influencers in Instagram:

Ajey Nagar, also known as Carryminati, is a well-known gaming influencer. His commentaries on his videos are well-known. He launched his YouTube account when he was 10 years old, and it has rapidly expanded since then. O

This Instagram influencer is well-known for his vibrant and unique Hindi commentary, which is what his fanbase loves the most.

He occasionally releases photos from behind the scenes of the production of his YouTube broadcasts and films on Instagram.

Aditya Deepak Sawant is a social media influencer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India who is a professional E-sports player. He gained notoriety as Dynamo Gaming, his online alias after he began posting PUBG Mobile gameplay on YouTube.

In addition to this, he founded and owns the “Hydra” clan in PUBG Mobile. On the Internet, his line “Patt Se Headshot” is the most well-known. An Indian PUBG Mobile squad named Team Hydra was founded by Dynamo Gaming, the largest e-sports gaming influencer (Aditya Sawant). 

He serves as the clan’s IGL (In-Game Leader). He is currently one of India’s top PUBG Mobile, E-sports, and gaming influencers. And among Soul Mortal, CarryMinati, Kronten, ScoutOp, Jonathan, and many more, he has the most subscribers among Indian gamers.

The full name of Kronten Pubg Gaming is Chetan Chandgude, and he was raised in a middle-class household in Pune, Maharashtra. His mother is a stay-at-home mother, while his father is an Army officer.

Chetan aka Kronten is the winner of the PUBG Esports competitions and holds the YouTube Gold Play Button.

He ran his first channel, Clash with Kronten, which he has now all but abandoned before he began his social media career. Almost a month after starting his YouTube account, Kronten started streaming PUBG gameplays. Since then, the films’ quality and playability have received a significant upgrade.

Kronten usually uses English when speaking, in contrast to the bulk of the TeamIND clan. Along with BeastBoyShub, CarryisLive, and Dynamo, he was one of the four Indian video game producers invited to the inaugural YouTube gaming creators summit held in Palm Springs in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Nischay Malhan is an Indian YouTuber, web developer, player, and influencer in the gaming industry. Everyone is more familiar with him as Triggered Insaan since that is the name of his primary YouTube channel, where he posts amusing videos of roasts, rants, and replies. 

A renowned esports team from France that is currently based in India is Team Vitality India, where Nischay Malhan is a content developer.

He is more known online as Triggered Insaan, a YouTube channel. He is also known for his roasts, rants, and responses in his videos, all of which make you laugh out loud. On another channel named Live Insaan, he broadcasts his gaming videos. 

Ronak Makhodia is a prominent gamer and influencer from India. Everyone knows him better than Ron Gaming because it is the name of his primary YouTube channel. The PUBG games that Ronak Makhodia plays on an emulator have gained him a lot of notoriety. He is the owner of the expanding Eagle clan

This Indian gaming influencer on Instagram mostly uploads videos with instructions on how to play different games, gaming advice, and game reviews.

Indian YouTuber, content producer, gamer, and influencer Shubham Saini enjoys playing video games. Everyone knows him better as BeastBoyShub since it is the name of his primary YouTube channel.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and VGA face cam were the games Shubham Saini played when he first began to play video games. He currently plays a variety of games and is well known in the gaming world for his polished gaming abilities and entertaining live commentary.

Shubham Saini has  his primary YouTube channel where he posts gaming videos and other stuff. He enjoys playing a variety of games and is well-liked among gamers.

Naman Mathur, commonly known as Soul Mortal, is a well-known internet broadcaster and gamer from India. His YouTube channel is named Mortal, where he uploads gaming videos and broadcasts online gaming. He was born on May 22, 1996, and has participated in and won several PUBG gaming events.

He founded the PUBG Mobile Team- SouL and is the second-most well-known player in India for the game after Dynamo.

Indian Instagram Influencer Ishan Khedkar is most known for his collection of videos of GTA 5 and Minecraft as well as comparative series including Thug Life, Funny Moments, Epic Stunts, and Fails. 

His debut video, “Grand Theft Auto 5 Epic Car Blast!!,” marked the beginning of his YouTube account. Since then, he has produced films about several other video games, including “Funny Moments,” Grand Theft Auto V, and Dark Souls. He posted his first Grand Theft Auto comparison video, and since then, he’s made several more.

This Indian gaming influencer on Instagram posts compilation movies from the games that feature hilarious scenes, incredible acrobatics, and more. Before he just announced it on his Instagram gaming account, his name was a mystery. 

The Rawknee a.k.a Rony Dasgupta is a well-known Mumbai-based Indian YouTuber and roaster. His videos combine pop culture with Indian aesthetics. He is a roaster in addition to being a gamer and a YouTuber.

The RawKnee Games, is well-known for his witty comments during his live streams where he insults his fellow characters and invents some very ridiculous gaming scenarios.

Popularly known as Gunshot among his fans. He streams games and is a full-time professional gamer. One of the top gaming influencers in India.

He primarily focuses on PUBG and one can find all details of the hacks and tricks around the game on his channel. 


Instagram with its live feature has made gaming more fun. The interactive design and story filters have entertained consumers more than ever. The gaming industry is spreading faster and with flying colours as we can see through the versatility of these influencers. We at Confluencr, being a global influencer marketing agency, realise the immense potential of these influencers and help our clients gain fruitful collaborations with these global gaming social media influencers. Want to know more about how influencer marketing can benefit your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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