Top 10 Doctor Influencer Profiles on Instagram

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“I always felt strongly that we need a stronger clinician presence on social media in order to really battle misinformation out there.”- Austin Chiang
(MD, Gastroenterologist)

The post covid era has given a tremendous boost to the healthcare industry. After the devastating waves of the pandemic, people have become increasingly aware of their physical as well as mental health. Various brands have risen to provide health supplements and offer fitness and dietary programs to help India stay fit. Instagram healthcare influencers have also risen to popularity, with people taking it to their Instagram feeds for correct health advice and recommendations. Influencer marketing for the healthcare sector has thus seen a rise, and top Indian doctor influencers have been bagging collaborations with brands offering genuine products and services in the healthcare sector. We at Confluencr, being an Instagram influencer marketing agency, have collaborated and skimmed through such talented doctor influencers who have been extending their service to humankind beyond hospitals and clinics and making it big on social media. Here’s the list of top 9 Indian doctor influencers who are doing their best to reach out to the common public and encourage them to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Top 10 Doctor Influencers To Follow On Instagram:

Dr Manan publishes research-based information on bone, joint, and muscle health, as well as exercise and fitness medicine, regularly. He makes videos to raise public awareness. He is an inspiration not only to doctors but to the general public as well. He raises human body awareness. He advises on how to stay fit and healthy. He emphasizes creating content including tips and strategies to stay active and healthy in our world of junk food and polluted air, convincing his followers that it would be extremely beneficial to everyone! He works to improve people’s physical and mental health by emphasizing the need to focus on both physical and mental wellness in his videos.

It can be difficult for the average person to make an informed decision toward a healthier living in a world overflowing with fad diets and popular training routines. Some people, on the other hand, want to decode diets and put an end to formulaic fitness. Dr Siddhant Bhargava, a ketogenic diet expert, celebrity nutritionist, and co-founder of Food Darzee, has the upper hand here. Dr Sid (as he is affectionately known) is a true disruptor. He has shattered conventional nutrition beliefs and asserted that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to achieving physical goals. He provides daily recommendations to combat obesity, diabetes, and general healthcare on his social media account. He promotes the value of mental wealth while being associated with the MIMBLU app.

Dr Tanaya is famously known as Dr Cuterus. Her medical care is centred on inclusive, non-judgmental sexual and reproductive healthcare for women. This Indian doctor influencer creates content on sexual health, period misconceptions, and other private issues on Instagram. She is an Oxford-trained medical doctor and embryologist who, in these days of misinformation, is refreshingly meticulous about getting her facts straight. She makes brief videos and gives honest advice on every question you’ve ever had but never thought to ask. She’s unduly modest about her involvement in pushing the needle on openly discussing sex and educating her audience.

Dr Shikha Shah, a clinical and cosmetic dermatologist, explains more about skincare, including what we should do more of and what we must avoid! With summer here, many of us are struggling with skincare, acne, and a billion questions that we normally ask Mr Google because we aren’t sure if they are legitimate enough to see a dermatologist about. Dr Shikha Shah simplifies things for us by debunking some myths and shedding light on summer skincare dos and don’ts, such as whether or not we need moisturizer in his blazing heat! She provides information about acne, dark circles, pigmentation, hair fall, dandruff, skin and hair routine advice, and many other regular day-to-day skincare tips that go unnoticed in today’s hectic lifestyles through her reels.

Dr Divya has earned her MBBS, DGO, and DNB OBGY degrees. PCOS, Menstruation, Pregnancy and Related Complications, Sexual Health, and Hygiene are some of her areas of expertise. She goes by the handle @thegirldocnextdoor on Instagram. She is here to help people better understand their bodies and health, as well as to make people aware of minor but important recommendations. She has been seen doing collaborations with various speakers on topics such as menstruation, safe sex, PCOS, and so on. She also has a collaboration with Floren Hygiene, which provides ideal branding for period health. She answers basic inquiries about menstruation, cancer, breast health, HPV vaccine, pregnancy, labor, lactation, contraception, vaginal cleanliness, and adolescence, among other things. She is also a travel freak who enjoys exploring the outdoors.

Dr Prateek Makwana is an Embryologist Consultant. With a social media presence, fertility scribbles on Instagram, and a website, he raises awareness about a variety of themes, including fertility, human reproduction, and covid. Over time, he noticed that many people have numerous misconceptions and prejudices about infertility or that they are utterly uninformed that they have a choice if they haven’t been able to conceive. That was his motivation for creating a social media page: to reach as many people as possible, raise awareness, and enhance existing resources. He debunks myths about cancer, pregnancy, PCOS, infertility, IVF, menstruation cups, premature ejaculation, contraception, STI, puberty, HPV vaccine, endometriosis, and erectile dysfunction, virginity, and many other topics through his reels.

Dr Agni Kumar Bose is a dermatology, venereology, and leprology resident at Mumbai’s King Edward Memorial Hospital. He highlights numerous day-to-day skincare routines in his videos, including post-workout skincare, skin-loving foods, summer and winter skincare, sunscreen, tanning, swimming skin care, allergies, hair fall, diets, burns, and various women’s health issues. We see this doctor influencer inspiring his audience to choose a healthy lifestyle, one video at a time!

Dr Yuvraj Jadeja is the medical director of Ikigai Fertility and Wellness Center in Vadodara, where he specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. Whether it’s something as simple as pregnant women obtaining the COVID vaccine or more complex issues like marital rape, violence towards doctors, and so on, he discusses these issues on his Instagram page. He also dispels myths about PCOS, immunisations, infections, and other women’s health issues. He dedicated his Instagram page to spreading awareness about COVID-19 after cooperating with a few hospitals in Vadodara. Dr Jadeja also teamed up with a few other doctors to launch a free helpline for women who were pregnant or lactating and had COVID-19.

Dr Siddharth Warrier, MD, DM, MRCP, is a neurologist based in Mumbai. He explores and discusses various activities and practices that lead to improved mental health and human behavior on his Instagram account, bringing neuroscience into the mainstream conversation, destigmatising mental health, and facilitating conversations on behaviour change, mindfulness, and learning. Writing poetry is difficult, and writing a rhyme on medical research is much more difficult, but Dr Siddharth Warrier has a flair for making medical subjects easier through poetry. It’s no surprise that his poetry received a special award and that he delivered it in front of a large crowd in London.

This gold medalist, OBGYN, is doing her best to educate her audience about everything in the realm of gynecology and obstetrics (pregnancy). She primarily talks about periods, pregnancy & sex, answering questions & debunking myths on such topics. Her story highlights the surgeries she has performed are quite interesting & the babies that she has delivered will definitely make your day. Dr Riddhima Shetty resides in Mumbai and thoroughly enjoys her profession, and seems to love to enlighten her audience about women’s health.


One of the biggest virtues of these healthcare influencers is talking about taboo health topics, debunking health myths and stereotypes and encouraging their audience to inculcate more healthy habits. 

These health influencers can provide motivation, widen your viewpoint on an issue, or simply inspire you to take better care of yourself. All of them are quite successful and work to educate, treat, and improve the lives and well-being of others.

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realise the immense potential of doctor influencers on their audience for brands in the healthcare sector. We help you gain collaborations with these doctor influencers who can effectively send across your brand’s message. We have curated a network of leading influencers across India and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience at the right time and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected], and we shall get right back to you!

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