11 Best Indian Skincare Influencers To Follow On Instagram

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The world of skincare can be overwhelming, with countless products promising to deliver the perfect complexion. Instagram has emerged as a hub for skincare influencers, who share their expertise and product recommendations with their followers. We will highlight 11 skincare influencers in India who are experts in their field.

From natural remedies to high-end products, these influencers offer a range of perspectives on achieving healthy, glowing skin. Whether you are a skincare novice or a seasoned pro, these influencers are sure to inspire you on your skincare journey.

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Debasree is one of the top skincare influencers in India, who has made her name on social media with her makeup and skincare expertise. 

On her Instagram account, she is known to post makeup tutorials, health and fitness tips, and Skincare recommendations. She also holds a series “Makeup Decoded” on her Instagram.

She is also known to collaborate with make-up brands like Smash Box and Kay by Katrina. And has hosted interviews with Shobhita Dhulipala and Katrina respectively for the same.

Shreya is one of the most trusted influencers on social media when it comes to skincare tips and make-up recommendations. She has built a trust-based relationship with more than 430 K of her followers. 

Her content on Instagram ranges from makeup tutorials to skincare tips. She is famous for her #nofilter product reviews that honest and useful to her followers. 

Shreya with her expertise has collaborated with brands – Maybelline India, Paul’s Choice, Simple Skincare, Smashbox India, Loreal Paris and others.

Jovita with her confidence, creativity and abundance of knowledge about everything skincare, makeup and hair care, has become the favourite beauty influencer on social media. 

On her Instagram, she shares her makeup recommendations, skincare tips and tricks and talks about brands that work for her. 

She has collaborated with brands like Kay by Katrina, Charmacy Milano, and Kohler, and has hosted an interview with Katrina Kaif during Nykaland. She has also been featured on Forbes India.

Ankita is an influencer growing rapidly in the skincare niche. Her covering topics from makeup to skincare and hair care, is a testament to the fact that there is nothing that she doesn’t know. 

Ankita with her enthusiastic and engaging personality has become a beloved figure in the beauty community. She has worked with brands like Klairs, Sephora, Lakme, Simple Skincare and others. 

Currently, on her Instagram, she has been completing the #30dayslipstickchallenge with the rest of her normal beauty-related content. 





Malvika is a star in her way. She started her career through “India’s Next Top Model” back in 2015, and since then she has been soaring high through her social media.

Malvika on her Instagram has been creating content that is unique in its way and is very well-curated, be it her simple make-up tutorials or the skincare routine she posts about, it feels like she knows what’s up. She has that je ne sais quoi in the way she presents her content so easy to understand. 

So far she collaborated with brands like CeraVe, Smashbox, L’Oreal Paris, Nivea and others. And has been featured on GQ India, was one of the “Forbes Digital Stars” and was on the cover of The Word Magazine with fellow creators.





Aishwarya is bold, beautiful and an absolute delight to watch. She gained popularity through her make-up tutorials, product reviews and skincare tips

Aishwarya creates a lot of beauty-related content, including personal style, occasion-specific skincare and her personal skincare and make-up collection. One of the prominent brands that Aishwarya works with is Urbanic. 

Sejal started her social media journey in 2014 on YouTube. She is gaining popularity for her content. Her content ranges from makeup to skincare. From fashion advice to makeup essentials, she covers it all. 

Sejal has started a series called “1MinDrama” in which she showcases her styling prowess along with her creativity and talent. Sejal as an influencer is gaining followers very quickly, and now with her music video coming out, there is no stopping her.

Shaurya is a popular skincare influencer based in Delhi. She has quickly become a trusted influencer for skincare recommendations and outfit ideas

Her Instagram handle is a travel lover’s dream. Other than Skincare, makeup and fashion, Shaurya also posts a lot of travel content on her Instagram. She is known for her beauty and makeup videos on Instagram and her YouTube channel. Shaurya is an entrepreneur and founder of Label Shaurya Sandhya and Aryam Skincare.

Shaurya’s content reflects her many interests, which has contributed to her significant following on social media platforms


Santoshi has been creating waves with her beauty and her brains. She is popular among her followers for her for her skincare and beauty expertise. She has become a trusted source of influence because of her unique identity in skincare and fashion.

On her Instagram, she has gained a lot of followers due to her mindful living and healthcare practices

People love her yoga videos and her yoga outfits. A source of inspiration for many, Santoshi is becoming a prominent figure in the fashion, skincare and lifestyle industry very quickly.


With her medical knowledge and expert solutions, Dr. Riya has become the GO-TO top skincare influencer in India for people who are looking for professional advice

Her content ranges from age-specific skincare tips to body care routines and so much more. Through her Instagram content, she has gained the trust of her followers and has been loved by many. She has worked with brands such as Limese Connect, Nykaa, Tresemme, Pilgrim, Fixderma, Braun and many others.

Rasia and Rehan’s approach to skincare is rooted in science, as they are both medical students. They bring a unique perspective to the world of skincare, combining their knowledge of medicine with their passion for beauty. Their content is refreshingly honest and transparent, focusing on educating their followers about the ingredients and science behind skincare products.

One thing that sets Rasia and Rehan apart from other influencers is their commitment to inclusivity. They believe skincare is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or skin type. Their content features a diverse range of models and products, showcasing the many different ways that people can achieve healthy skin.

Rasia and Rehan’s content is also highly engaging, with a mix of informative posts, product reviews, and skincare routines. Their Instagram stories are particularly fun to watch, as they often share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their lives as medical students and skincare enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the skincare world has been revolutionized by social media and the emergence of beauty and skincare influencers. The 11 Indian skincare influencers we’ve highlighted in this blog are experts in their field, offering valuable insights and advice on achieving healthy, glowing skin. With their relatable and reliable content, they have built a loyal following. They are helping to reshape the beauty industry in India.

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