11 Best Indian Skincare Influencers To Follow On Instagram

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The beauty industry is growing day by day, thanks to beauty and skincare influencers. Their bookmark-worthy, bold looks curated using fantastic skincare and makeup products truly take the internet by storm. These influencers are hooking their audience with unique content, be it makeup looks, beauty tips, DIYs, reviews, or tutorials. So here are the top 11 Best Skincare Influencers To Follow On Instagram we are currently crushing on.

Best Skincare Influencers To Follow On Instagram:

Kiwi is a content creator, skincare and digital makeup creator with a whopping following of 56.9k on Instagram. Her feed is filled with fresh makeup looks and tutorials that are fun to watch. Kiwi also does some paid collaborations with clothing and accessorizing brands. The infographics on all the skincare and beauty-related issues such as retinol, AHAS BHAS, contour, blush etc., are answered by her in the most digestible manner possible.

Her skincare tips and tricks are a must-watch. Be it DIYS, skincare suggestions or makeup tips, this Indian skincare influencer tries to bring fresh and unique content to her audience.

Haania is a content creator, fashion designer and beauty blogger. Hanina is the guru for all your makeup looks, be it birthday glam or formal nude looks. Hanina tries to focus on minute details while creating content for her community.

Even though Hanina is a fan of luxury brands, she does hold on to herself instead tries out even Indian and home-grown beauty and skincare brands. This make-up influencer’s subtle looks, winter looks, cut-creases, summer looks and many other such Instagram reels will surely leave you motivated to try out new makeup skills and brands.

Sneha Sen, famous for her Instagram username “five feet five blog”, is an Indian skincare, beauty, lifestyle, hair and fashion blogger. Giving mini beauty and fashion hauls, Sneha has been creating content for her community since 2016. She also has an actively growing YouTube channel with 8.81 lakh subscribers.

Sneha offers excellent makeup recommendations, mini-hauls and amazing makeup look using high-end cosmetic products. If you’re looking for a beauty guru who can teach you unique skills and techniques using home-grown brands, the Fivefeetfive blog is the perfect place for you!

Khushee is a skincare and haircare digital content creator. Facing skin problems due to combination acne-prone skin, Khushee tries to connect with her audience through fantastic skincare and makeup products that are best suited for such skin types.

This skincare influencer on Instagram tries to come up with fresh and unique content. Be it some product recommendations such as underarm, sunscreens, acne-friendly products or giving an honest review about a brand or a product. Khushee maintains clarity between herself and her audience. Her product recommendations are a must-try, and she not only incorporates collaborated brands but also the ones she buys using her own hard-earned money.

Engineer turned into digital creator; Zeal is a makeup and beauty blogger with an audience of 18.7k. She is an ex-social media marketer of Myntra. Zeal also has her own YouTube channel with an audience base of 2.54k subscribers.

Be it product hauls or gorgeous makeup looks, one can get hooked on this beauty guru. Apart from providing the best makeup looks, she also offers glimpses of her latest product buys, recommendations, tips and skincare hacks.

Shikha, aka thatsheengirl, is a digital creator offering exceptional guidance on makeup and skincare. She also has another Instagram page named jhalak, where one can find boho and traditional jewellery at nominal prices.

From recreating videos to favourite beauty products to makeup looks, Shikha has covered it all. Her reels, stories and posts will help you identify your true classics. Getting around her page will surely help you get to know the current best in the beauty and fashion industry.

Richa a.ka. Facedecor is a skincare and makeup artist. Currently, she has established a nail art studio named nailsouthpoint, located in Golf Course Gurugram. With a following of 39k on youtube, Richa posts amazing videos on clothing haul and makeup look.

Not just beauty; Richa tries to share quick hacks on hair care, styling and dressing tips. She also offers comprehensive reviews on makeup and skincare products.

Trishna, well known for her Instagram handle @indianbudgetbeautyblog, creates budget-friendly content on makeup, skincare and dupes. She tries to experiment and suggest the latest products that are budget-friendly and work the same way as high-end products. Her Instagram posts present the best makeup, skincare, fashion and home decor items under budget. With panache, Trisha tries to keep her content clean and elegant.

Gunja, aka thing of beauty, is skincare, makeup, beauty and lifestyle content creator. Fohr has verified her. She has worked with brands such as Nykaa, sublime, dot and key, vanity wagon, YBP cosmetics, earth rhythm and plum

Be it her self-care routine, budget products, new product releases or beauty and makeup hack, Gunja tries to bring clean, fresh and unique content to her audience. With her dripping clothing style and affordable makeup recommendations, users love following this Indian skincare influencer on Instagram.

New Mommy in the business, Chetali, is a skincare and makeup content creator. She is a creator shaped in the corporate world. Addressing over 4.12 lakh people on YouTube, Chetali delivers informational and knowledgeable videos on makeup and skincare.

Her detailed review of new product launches, her take on her experience and what can be improved in the product are crystal clear. Chetali has also collaborated with many skincare brands including Dot and key, Minimalist, L’oreal, MAC, Nivea and many more.

Alfiya, aka trendelitee, is a modest fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer. With 9.7k followers, Alfiya does daily vlogging.

With Bandra hill road haul, what to make the most of skincare products, anti-tan routines and many more such informational videos, this Indian skincare influencer creates engaging content for her viewers. She has done many paid collaborations with brands such as Miniso, elf, Amazon, Plume and many more. Alfiya has also been awarded the “Emerging beauty influencer of the year 2022″ award by Exhibit.


These beauty gurus are keeping their audiences engaged with relatable and reliable content. With their sincerity and genuineness in their digital content, skincare influencers are able to garner a good following. Brands are on the lookout for these beauty and skincare influencers in India, who can effectively reach out to their target audiences, and subtly promote their products. Addressing a few of the challenges in the beauty industry such as the hypercompetitive market, influencer marketing has become a boon for brands wanting to step up in the market. 

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