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With Tradetron, users can create their own trading strategies or choose from a library of pre-built strategies that have been designed by experienced traders. The platform also provides access to a range of exchanges and brokers, allowing users to trade across multiple markets and asset classes.
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Confluencr won the
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B2C Campaign’

#NoSHEaveNovember for Plush

Influencer Profiling

TThe influencers targeted were trading centric influencers who explained of how complexity of Algo is now brought at ease with Tradetron and how it eradicates the emotional trading out of traders life.
We selected a wide range of influencers from different size ranges to broaden our reach.
Campaign was done with a major mix of dedicated and minor mix of integrated video and some Instagram content, to give it a fair approach for branding and awareness purpose with Instragram and YouTube integration while to have acquisitions , YouTube dedicated videos were taken help of.
Content Frequency 
The campaign was a partial acquisition plus partial awareness campaign as the model of investment and return was different than any other, so to make audience understand the same and also show out credibility as the brand offered fixed interest higher than any FDs, so with such acclamation it was to create credibility and eradicate any feeling of distrust.
Content Style  
Keeping it very straightforward as the brand dealt with Algo Trading and strategy creation, the target audience was narrowed down to stock traders, as algo being too technical for investors and potential investors, the acquisition centric campaign was created with influencers having a large trader community.  

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The Social Stars initiative celebrates innovative social media campaigns and Plush’s No Sheave November campaign won the best B2C Campaign award due its incredible engagement with over 1 million people.
Ashutosh Upadhyay
Marketing Head, Plush

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