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Tilak Stone Arts India is renowned for its global expertise in crafting collaborative marble art for homes and communal spaces. Specializing in marble temple manufacturing, the company provides a user-friendly digital platform for diverse marble art requirements. Their customizable product line, inspired by Indian art traditions, encompasses marble mandirs, murtis, furniture, and home decor in various designs and colors.

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Influencer Profiling

We wanted to create engaging reels around the manufacturing of the products with core focus being on website traffic. We worked with influencers in the home decor and interior design niche to reach a target audience interested in unique and artistic home furnishings. We had flown the 2 influencers we had handpicked for this campaign to Jaipur to showcase the behind the scenes of Tilak Stone Arts to help the audience connect with work put into sculpting these spiritual art pieces.


We collaborated with one mid tier influencer and one macro influencer both with a wide fanbase to ensure the quality of the content and the trutability factor of working with well known names.


Recognizing Instagram as the go-to platform for viral short-form content, we seized the opportunity to showcase intriguing scenes from the making of the murtis that hold a special place in our homes.

Content Frequency 

We strategically scheduled live dates for both influencers, ensuring a 10-day gap between each video to allow their content to perform individually and maximize engagement.

Content Style  

The influencer marketing strategy centered on harnessing the trustworthiness of well-known influencers in the home decor and interior design niche. This approach aimed to authentically showcase the craftsmanship of Tilak Stone Arts, successfully achieving our objective of increased site visits and aditionally increasing the footfall to their physical store.

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