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Slurrp Farm is a brand that specializes in creating nutritious and convenient food products for both children and adults. Their products include a variety of snacks and meal options made from quality ingredients like millets, lentils, oats, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, along with natural sweeteners such as jaggery and honey. They focuses on providing healthier alternatives to traditional snacks and meals, promoting health and wellness among consumers.
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#NoSHEaveNovember for Plush

Influencer Profiling

Slurp Farm’s ideal audience is niche mom and parenting influencers who serve as trusted sources of advice and inspiration for their followers. By targeting these influential individuals, Slurp farm can effectively reach a highly-engaged audience that is actively seeking out products and services to enhance their family’s wellbeing.


We chose macro and mid-tier influencers who would help us in achieving our desired target as per campaign budget. Macro influencers worked very well for us in terms of achieving views and generating conversions.


We chose Instagram as it is the most prominent platform for parent influencers and the information can be provided in a short, fun and entertaining way.

Content Frequency 

We curated an event with celebrity mom influencer Anushka Sharma when she vouched about using Slurrp Farm for her child, establishing credibility and widening the brand’s reach in just one event.

Content Style  

The content style was very relevant and addressed the problems parents face while ensuring ample nutrition intake for their children and finding truly good products while integrating the brand in a credible way and creating a huge buzz about the event.

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The Social Stars initiative celebrates innovative social media campaigns and Plush’s No Sheave November campaign won the best B2C Campaign award due its incredible engagement with over 1 million people.
Ashutosh Upadhyay
Marketing Head, Plush

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