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Plush is not your average feminine care brand. They don’t just provide gentle and effective care – they prioritise comfort and well-being too. All of their products are internationally certified, so you can trust that they’re doing their part for both your skin and the planet. Plus, they’re passionate about spreading awareness and education about feminine hygiene, because knowledge is power!

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#NoSHEaveNovember for Plush

Influencer Profiling

We ran a feminist campaign with Plush called #No-Sheave November, aiming to normalise body hair on women as we do for men with No-Shave November.

We integrated Plush’s razor into the campaign, positioning the brand as empowering. Our biggest challenge was finding female influencers ready to flaunt their body hair. With a curated list of 6 authentic and stereotype-breaking influencers, we made some waves with content aimed at changing mindsets.

We opted for micro-influencers who resonated well with Plush’s budget & objective of educating the audience about feminine hygiene. These influencers were chosen based on their authenticity and ability to reach their audience effectively.
We chose Instagram, the holy grail of social media platforms for Gen-Z and millennial audiences. Instagram is notorious for promoting the idea of perfectionism, but our campaign aimed to break this stereotype.
Content Frequency 
We took each influencer live on alternate days, ensuring that the buzz about the campaign stays intact while giving each influencer enough time to gauge enough reach in two days. This also gave the audience of influencers time to recreate their own No-Sheave November content on their profiles.
Content Style  

Confluencr partnered with Plush to create a powerful message of confidence and empowerment for women. Through a mix of content and influencer strategies, we successfully helped Plush reach a broad audience and encouraged women to own their identities. With Plush’s products, women can feel more confident and bold, regardless of their age or background.

Hear ’em Speak!

The Social Stars initiative celebrates innovative social media campaigns and Plush’s No Sheave November campaign won the best B2C Campaign award due its incredible engagement with over 1 million people.
Ashutosh Upadhyay
Marketing Head, Plush

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