Phoenix Mall of Asia in North Bengaluru is India’s premier luxury retail destination, offering a sophisticated and chic design across millions of square feet. With themed floors, an open-plan layout, and a diverse range of premium brands, renowned fashion labels, and experiences, the mall redefines the shopping and leisure experience. Shoppers can enjoy restaurants, cafes, spas, and the city’s largest multiplex under one elegant roof, making it an unforgettable day out in the epitome of luxury.
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Influencer Profiling

The overarching strategy for Phoenix Mall of Asia’s influencer marketing involved leveraging a diverse set of influencers to enhance awareness and generate anticipation for the pre-launch and launch phases. The campaign aimed to boost footfall through a strategic mix of follower engagement contests and collaborations with influencers representing various niches.
We chose over 40 micro-influencers for a follower campaign, elevating Phoenix Mall of Asia’s Instagram ahead of its pre-launch. For the launch, we curated a list of 23 diverse macro-influencers from various backgrounds, including city guides, travel enthusiasts, lifestyle influencers, actors, and local celebrities—all based in Bangalore. This selection aimed to create a sense of community and familiarity, enhancing the campaign’s overall engagement.
For the pre launch participants engaged in instagram stories promoting Phoenix Mall of Asia to increase their chances of winning enticing gift vouchers and prizes creating an overrall buzz around the launch. For launch Influencers were tasked with creating engaging reels highlighting the grand opening, showcasing the mall as a luxury retail destination encouranging the audience to witness the luxury of the phoenix mall of asia in person. We focused on capturing the granduer of the mall through the thoroughly planned out and shot instagram reels.
Content Frequency 
In the pre-launch phase, we collaborated with 40 micro-influencers to build anticipation for the new attraction in Bangalore, Phoenix Mall of Asia. Each influencer shared an initial video story creating buzz, followed by a second story 15 days later, revealing the launch date. The content rollout spanned 10 days, with 3-4 influencers going live daily. For the launch, influencers visited the mall, capturing its ambiance and luxury stores in visually appealing reels. All posts were strategically shared within 10 days post-launch to maximize virality and capitalize on the excitement.
Content Style  
We initiated our content with enticing giveaways during the pre-launch phase to capture audience interest. Subsequently, we showcased the mall’s luxurious ambience and featured its premium stores through engaging tour-style content on reels, virtually taking our audience on a comprehensive tour right through their phone screens. Succesfully we ended up attaining a massive footfall during the launch and post the launch of Phoenix mall of asia.

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