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Mūl Secrets, a wellness-focused skincare brand, acknowledges skincare as a multifaceted journey influenced by both external and internal elements, with a core belief that beauty emanates from within. Mūl Secrets endeavours to underscore the significance of gut health in elevating skin well-being.
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Influencer Profiling

The challenge was to avoid a conventional advertising approach and instead present Mūl Secrets in a natural and organic manner. We collaborated with skincare, beauty, and lifestyle creators to promote the nutritional drink, emphasizing the connection between gut health and skin well-being. Additionally, fitness influencers were enlisted to endorse the face mask as an essential post-workout skincare routine, linking physical fitness with skin fitness. Locating influencers who not only faced acne challenges but were also open to trying Mūl Secrets as a solution for the same posed the primary hurdle in our mission.
We picked a list of micro-influencers with similar acne issues and a very loyal and interactive following who resonated well with Mul Secret’s objective of creating authentic and educative content to promote skin and gut health.
Our primary objective was to leverage the popularity of short-form educational content on Instagram reels. Additionally, we sought to test the efficacy of our content on YouTube Shorts, tapping into a different platform for potential success. To enhance our reach and engagement, we enlisted two creators to generate user-generated content (UGC), which we strategically repurposed for digital ads. This multi-platform approach allowed us to diversify our content and optimise its impact across various channels.
Content Frequency 
We took two influencers live every week to space out our content but also maintain the relevance of the content posted.
Content Style  
We aimed to emphasise that true beauty comes from within, underscoring the crucial connection between gut health and the well-being of our skin.

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