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Khiladi is a dynamic online gaming platform designed for both casual gamers and seasoned professionals, offering thrilling experiences and competitive challenges. With a diverse collection of games spanning various genres, the platform prioritizes user-friendly experiences, stringent security measures, and dedicated support for customer satisfaction.

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Influencer Profiling

We aimed to raise awareness among the tier 3-4 audience and collaborated with regional creators from both the northern and southern regions of India. Specifically, we selected well-known local influencers to capture the attention of the tier 3-4 audiences.


Our emphasis was on partnering with macro-regional influencers, considering both their substantial audience base and local recognition to foster trust among our audience. Additionally, we ensured that all influencers had a minimum average of 150K views and above.


Our main platforms were Instagram and YouTube. We opted for Instagram to enhance brand awareness, leveraging the viral factor through reels and utilizing the swipe-up feature in stories for effective calls-to-action (CTA). Meanwhile, YouTube was chosen for its superior conversion rate, with the ability to add links in the description and top comments, providing a high chance of conversion.

Content Frequency 

We strategically scheduled our posts around the matches during the Cricket World Cup and subsequent series, capitalizing on the trending topics to our advantage. This allowed us to post content related to the betting platform, engaging avid sports fans and encouraging them to use Khiladi to test their cricket knowledge.

Content Style  

For the regional influencers, we created engaging conversational content presented through skits. In the case of local celebrities, we specifically requested them to portray their well-known characters to promote the app. This approach is effective as it leverages the influencers’ existing fan base and the familiarity associated with their characters, making the promotion more relatable and memorable for the audience.

Let’s Influence Together!

Our efficient and effective influencer marketing campaigns help as a catalyst in your digital marketing.

We are able to considerably reduce user acquisition costs and improve user retention through our content.

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