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d’Alba, a renowned Korean skincare brand, takes inspiration from the healthy Piedmont Alba village in Italy. Their key ingredient, White Truffle, found in their popular Trufferol line, is known for its antioxidants. Its unique design combines Italian white truffle extract with nourishing oils for anti-aging benefits, improved moisture, and a radiant finish. Loved by skincare enthusiasts and celebrities, d’Alba is known for quality, innovation, and a touch of luxury.
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Influencer Profiling

In our first campaign to boost awareness of d’Alba’s White Truffle Spray Serum in India, we strategically teamed up with influencers well-known in the skincare niche, focused on highlighting the serum’s dual functionality as both a hydrator and an effective setting spray.
By exclusively collaborating with influencers of micro to mid-tier category, we aimed for an authentic and relatable approach, leading to significant engagement. This approach successfully established the serum as a sought-after skincare essential among diverse audiences in the Indian market.
We leveraged Instagram’s visual appeal and skincare community’s influence to promote its White Truffle Spray Serum. With a dynamic user base, the platform offered direct engagement for skincare enthusiasts. Instagram’s versatile content formats, including Reels, maximized the campaign’s reach, making it an ideal platform to efficiently communicate the product’s benefits to a diverse audience.
Content Frequency 
The creators went live with their content every alternative day to keep the buzz about the product alive and bring new eyes to the new big player in the skincare industry in india.
Content Style  
We collaborated with renowned skincare influencers to produce skincare routine videos, aiming to instill trust among the audience and provide ideas on seamlessly incorporating d’Alba’s products into their own skincare routines.

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