The brand’s objective was to connect subject matter experts from India with children to address their academic doubts. The primary goal of the pilot campaign was to increase sign-ups from teachers, and our approach was centered on achieving a strong ROI.

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Influencer Profiling

The overarching strategy involved leveraging the influence of macro influencers with a focus on education and entertainment. This choice aimed to capture the attention of the target audience, ensuring not only high engagement but also a higher likelihood of conversions. The influencers were carefully selected based on their ability to resonate with the brand’s objectives and effectively communicate the value of the service to potential users.


We targeted macro influencers with a proven track record of conversions and high engagement rates. These influencers also demonstrated a significant percentage of the desired target audience, particularly within the age range of 18 to 24.


The campaign primarily utilized Youtube as it demonstrated better conversion rates based on the brand’s objectives. This approach ensured that the influencer content would have a more significant impact on the target audience, leading to higher sign-up rates from teachers.

Content Frequency 

The content strategy aimed for one video per week, allowing for a strategic balance between maintaining audience interest and providing sufficient time to analyze the performance of each piece of content. This cautious approach allowed for data-driven adjustments as the campaign progressed.

Content Style  

The chosen content style included a mix of comedy sketches, guides on how to earn money, insights into part-time jobs, and the creation of freelancing opportunities for the youth. This diversified content approach aimed to keep the audience engaged and cater to their varied interests while subtly integrating the brand’s message. By incorporating humor and practical advice, the influencers were able to create relatable and shareable content that aligned with the brand’s campaign goals.

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