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CenturyPly doors are designed with durability in mind, featuring a range of features such as slam-proof, swell-proof, borer, and termite-proof designs. These features make CenturyPly doors a reliable and practical option for those seeking a low-maintenance door solution. Whether for personal or commercial use, CenturyPly doors provide a long-lasting and functional choice.
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Influencer Profiling

We leveraged the influence of interior designers, plant lovers, and architects to reach a vast audience for Century doors to bring out the main USPs of the doors: Termite and borer proof, Swell proof and Slam Proof. To further increase brand awareness, we also launched a targeted campaign during Holi that featured parent influencers and lifestyle influencers living in humid conditions.

This campaign highlighted the swell-proof feature of our doors, showcasing their durability even in high humidity. By tapping into the power of influencers and targeted campaigns, we were able to effectively connect with a diverse audience and showcase the unique benefits of our CenturyPly doors.

Majority of mid-tier (100K) and a few micro-influencers to diversify and optimise our reach in accordance to the brand’s budget and establish Century doors as an obvious choice amongst the audience.
We chose Instagram as it is a go-to platform for interior decor design inspiration, and many interior design and home decor influencers share their knowledge and preferences on their Instagram profile for people to take inspiration from.
Content Frequency 
Influencer’s went live every day to ensure that the brand was consistently appearing in the feeds of the target audience.
Content Style  
Our content style for Century doors focused on tailoring our approach to suit the influencer niche. This involved producing humorous, informative, and relatable content that showcased the durability, features, and unique benefits of our doors. By adopting a flexible approach to content creation, we were able to effectively engage with a diverse range of potential customers and effectively communicate the value of Century doors.

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The Social Stars initiative celebrates innovative social media campaigns and Plush’s No Sheave November campaign won the best B2C Campaign award due its incredible engagement with over 1 million people.
Ashutosh Upadhyay
Marketing Head, Plush

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