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Influencers test the best bluetooth speakers - A gadget Review

The brand contests to make BT PowerCab – a revolutionary bluetooth speaker as their main product and are committed to a ‘Sound Quality Comes First’ approach. They deliver a high quality audio experience with various new features at extremely affordable prices. They put each component through rigorous testing and met a high standard of requirements to be integrated into the product. They finally tuned the box and got each component to shine together. With their pride of a product they tasked us to create awareness & generate sales for the same in about 15 days via influencer marketing on a social media platform.

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Content Map

Their commitment to the quality of the product & its affordability was our linchpin to the whole campaign. We got influencers to highlight the various features about their product via unboxing-review videos or marketed them as one of the must-have gadgets. We sent products to each influencer and we were glad that they all came back with the genuine love for it and kept using the product and garnered a general love for the brand and were willing to work in the future as well.

The Creators

We cherry-picked nano & macro influencers on YouTube from the niche of infotainment-especially technology reviewers. While some provided integrated videos, others did dedicated ones. All of them had a significant hold in the genre and came with a highly engaging subscriber base. The creators spoke candidly about the brand and the product both on and off camera, which resulted in more belief in the brand as well as the creator.

Total Reach

Some Of The Videos

This seems so cool. Going to check it out for sure.

Added to cart!

Thank you for the elaborate review. The product seems so promising.

Was looking to invest in a nice speaker from my own stipend, glad I found it!

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