NeuHerbs Case Study

Neuherbs Case Study

Educating on YouTube: Subject - Fitness & Well-being | Teacher - Influencers

Innovation, Safety, and Purity – is what the brand offers.

Making products for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle altogether. They provide e-commerce service for their customers. While you walk this path of a Neu-way and see your life transforming right in front of your eyes, you’ll realize how far along in your journey you can come with them.

This vision and information were to be spread amongst the people looking for real solutions to their healthcare problems and who are tired of testing products that dint show results. We ran a YouTube campaign not only to drive sales, but also to educate people about this sensitive topic.

Confluencr - Neu Herb Case Study

Content Map

This brand has always believed that, with them, you have got a best friend and an expert - and from experience, we know a bestfriend is the best teacher. So, we picked up the idea from their key values, and decided to generate content revolving around it. We got creators to give tips and suggestion to their viewers and just talk to them, like a friend would do. No advertisement like set-up. Just a subtle integration and genuine concern.

The Creators

Just wanted the brand to heard and be able to do good in the society, with their products. So we onboarded micro to macro - all kinds of influencers who dealt with Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle in general. They talked about various products provided by NeuHerbs and educated their followers with one specific topic each and not just blatantly sell the brand. With all of this, came nothing but pure love for our content and sales for the NeuHerbs

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Some Of The Videos

Never knew my excessive consumption of coffee, could also turn healthy! #GreenCoffeByNeuHerbs

I just want to thank you guys for putting facts and telling me the reason behind my problems. Have ordered my products, can’t wait to try them and join this #NeuWay

I always hear brands calling themselves organic and pure, thank you for actually being one

Healthy, Safe and Pure = Best Combination ever!

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