Mastree Case study

Winning the linguistic battle, one child at a time: Kidfluencers vouch for Mastree’s English programs+benefits

The brand is India’s first 3-in-1 English skills program – empowering 1st-12th grade students to tap into linguistic skills and abilities in their wee years. Their carefully screened faculty, and well-crafted modules assist children in communicating tactfully, reading voraciously, and listening ably – skills that could very well help make their mark.

We planned to highlight the significance of these skill sets, and to subsequently ramp up visibility for the brand, and sign-up for their online courses. In the process, we were to subtly reinforce the fun modules and activities, the promising results, and the crowning communicative glory that would be in it for the kids.

mastree case study

Content Map

Communicating is inherent to a good life, and a great career - with English being at the forefront of it all. Reading, writing, and listening become powerful skills for children to grow into. We drove our content with these beliefs at the heart of them. With YouTube influencers as our artillery, we garnered the help of mom-influencers and child-influencers. They shared their experiences with the brand - and the fun and educative environment that was created for students to learn.

The Creators

We engaged five micro-nano parenting, education, and child influencers on YouTube - all major channels having million+ subscribers. We had them engage in trial classes to get a first-hand account on the curriculum and its execution. They created fun, engaging content around the modules, and benefits in multiple academic and extracurricular spaces. Skits, direct promotional content, and sponsorships - these were the most employed narratives with each of the influencers. The brand saw a significant hike in their sign-ups.


Some Of The Videos

I was shy to speak up and be on stage because I did not know what to say before. But now I participate more in debates in my school because I have done that in the classes with Ma’am and other batchmates.

Love the classes. Ma’am explains very nicely. The classes are out of this world. Writing was difficult for me, but Ma’am changed that.

Ma’am helped correct my mistakes. I have learnt a lot. It was more fun to learn with others than alone.

It was nice meeting the teacher. She was very understanding and kind. Whatever I can write today, all the credit for it goes to ma’am. I enjoy the classes very much, and am waiting for the next one

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