Houm Case Study

Houm Case Study

Combining education & influencers to grow a secure data storage platform

Users can safely store all their public and private digital assets without anyone prying on it or getting access in any way.

Being a never-before product, Houm Technologies wanted to create a demand across the globe starting with India, amongst tech enthusiasts and privacy concerned internet users.

Confluencr- Houm Case Study

Content Map

We identified there exists a lack of general knowledge amongst average users about how the internet really works and how true privacy can be achieved. We used this as our golden insight to introduce Houm. We spoke in depth about what is the internet actually made of, how big corporations give free products to get unwavered access into your personal data. Through these powerful content pieces, we created awareness about true internet privacy – the pillar on which Houm has been built.

The Creators

Content creators across genres were chosen basis their ability to explain complicated concepts in an entertaining way to their subscribers. Different formats like Walk Talks, Explainers, Animations etc were used to narrate the story.

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Some Of The Videos

I have been looking for an alternate solution to iCloud which is pretty expensive.

Houm is too good than any other platform store data on internet (cloud). It is really awesome.

Looks really useful for digital storage of all my business documents.

WoW! this concept is amazing Houm, now i don’t have to worry about always taking my Pen Drive with me.

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