About The Brand

Houm is a never-before product, that allows users to truly own a piece of the Internet. Users can safely store all their public and private digital assets without anyone prying on it or getting access in any way.

Being a never-before product, Houm Technologies wanted to create a demand across the globe starting with India, amongst tech enthusiasts and privacy concerned internet users.

Content Map

We identified there exists a lack of general knowledge amongst average users about how the internet really works and how true privacy can be achieved. We used this as our golden insight to introduce Houm. We spoke in depth about what is the internet actually made of, how big corporations give free products to get unwavered access into your personal data. Through these powerful content pieces, we created awareness about true internet privacy – the pillar on which Houm has been built.

The Creators

Content creators across genres were chosen basis their ability to explain complicated concepts in an entertaining way to their subscribers. Different formats like Walk Talks, Explainers, Animations etc were used to narrate the story.

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I have been looking for an alternate solution to iCloud which is pretty expensive.

Houm is too good than any other platform store data on internet (cloud). It is really awesome.

Looks really useful for digital storage of all my business documents.

WoW! this concept is amazing Houm, now i don’t have to worry about always taking my Pen Drive with me.
Bro I learned many things from u.. I was very unexperienced in politics.. But u show me the right way #mydigitalfreedom

It’s a superb site….which provide private access and safe zone for save personal data . Thanks for giving amazing information …

Industries We Work With


Tech influencers have continue to drive high value purchases through deep and nuanced content providing true value to consumers. We have collaborated with several leading techfluencers to create content that has moved the needle for various apps and electronic brands.


Not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations but 40% purchase something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram! If you're a brand in the e-commerce space its time for you to piggyback on the trust of the right influencers by generating authentic content

Tourism & Hospitality

With a competitive landscape in the travel industry it becomes very crucial for marketers to be frugal. 22% of marketers say influencer marketing is the most cost-effective method of obtaining new customers. Travel influencers have captured experiences powerfully to convince engaged audiences!

Food & Beverages

Influencers have re-shaped the food and beverage industry with their delicable content formats. What continues to be exciting is the concept of Blogger Reviews especially in this niche. Without reading reviews one barely tends to eat even roadside food these days!

Fashion & Lifestyle

57% of Fashion and Beauty Companies Engage in some form of Influencer Marketing! This is an industry that relies heavily on influencer marketing as organic growth for brands has become immensely challenging without advertising and amplification.

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