About The Brand

From Paris Box is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. They created themed boxes every month around a new travel destination like Bali, New York, Paris, Jaipur and so on. Products in their boxes were tied together with a story and with this approach quickly became one of the best known brands in this niche market.

Content Map

With new products every month, we would work with creators to create unboxing videos of the monthly boxes and also create reviews of individual products within the themes. Much of the unboxing videos would focus on the theme of the month and how the products tie up together to personify the theme.

The Creators

We worked with multiple lifestyle youtubers to build a loyal audience through content every month on the same channels. With new products and themes every month the influencers also had new content to share about the same brand every month.

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Positive Comments

Amazingly curated box, a very unique yet drool worthy box in the market!!!

This box is so girly and attractive 😘 all the things in this box took my heart away ❤.

This is damn awesome. It can take any girl’s heart away!!

This box is so beautiful and products are awesome!!
This box gives the feel of Paris… 😍
All products are amazing. Loved it 😍 !!