Dryfruit Zone Case Study

Dryfruit Zone Case Study

Micro influencers establishing novelty & authenticity of new dry fruits flavours

They launched flavours like the yum Pizza Cashew (trust us it actually tastes like Pizza, god knows how!), Peri Peri Almonds, and 20+ other unique variants. They wanted to launch these products with authentic social media campaigns. We enabled that through micro-influencers driven product reviews.

Nakoda's Case Study

Content Map

Taste, Health and Price were the 3 key pillars that we worked with to generate content ideas. The content ideas ranged from how to use some of their plain flavors in health smoothies or how their unique flavored products are perfect snacking alternatives or even the new cool Chakna. Through relatable stories around these topics we drove high engagement throughout the campaign duration of 6 months.

The Creators

Creators across India tried these products and loved them. Their authentic reactions on social media helped us build extreme fandom for the unique flavours. We mainly focussed on working with food, lifestyle and health related micro-influencers on Instagram and some mega influencers on TikTok.

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Some Of the Posts

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Nakoda Case Study By Confluencr
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Confluencr Nakodas Case Study

Flavoured cashews look so tasty.

Pizza cashews sound to be something unusual… would look forward to try it.

I need to get those for my midnight Munchies.

Omg looks so good! Perfect snacks.

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