Cubelelo – Case Study

Cubelelo Case Study

Solving the Puzzle to Victory, One Spin at a Time!

Cubelelo is India’s leading cube store. They started back in 2014 with a mission to provide one stop solution to all of the speed-cubing needs. And in their journey, they have processed over 2 lakh orders and are trusted by over 1 lakh cubers across the country. Cubelelo is a one stop solution to all your cubing needs, just a few clicks away!

cubelelo case study

Content Map

In the lockdown, the children have always been glued to their screens. From online lectures to watching something, they haven’t been having enough off-screen activities to do. The videos from the creators directed their content on this thing. Solving a cube is a fun activity that keeps their attention as well. They showed how the parents got their kids cubes that engage both the mind and body of the children and keep them occupied.

The Creators

We collaborated with influencers who are parents because the kids are currently actively engaged in online activities because children are not getting enough of hands-on learning experiences. Displaying how engaging different puzzles can be and how it is a great way to enhance their problem-solving abilities while also enjoying it was the central message of the videos.

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Some Of The Videos

My child is loving the new cubes I got from Cubelelo! He spends almost all of his free time trying to solve them!

Trying to solve the cubes keeps my children engaged in the activity!

A great way to channel their energy into something productive.

With two hyper-active kids, having these cubes gives them proper avenue to use that energy in the right place!

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