CoinDCX GO – Case Study

CoinDCX GO Case Study

Investing in Crypto, Simplified by CoinDCX GO

Crypto Currency is a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority. The Supreme Court judgement of removing the banking ban in March 2020 turned in favour of Indian Investors making investing in cryptocurrency completely legal. Since then, the Alternative Asset Class has gained a lot of traction recently due to the rise in popularity of Crypto Currencies.
coinDCX GO case study

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Current trends in the stock markets have experienced a popularity in cryptocurrencies. We curated content with influencers who are experienced in the field and could help their audience understand how to invest in the crypto market. We showcased how CoinDCX GO provides with a hassle-free service to invest in Cryptocurrencies and that it has become the one of the leading apps in beginners to start their cryptocurrency investment.

The Creators

We collaborated with influencers creating content on Educational, Entertainment, Vlog and Pure Knowledge based channels. These genres of expertise made it efficient in integrating the brand with them and getting seamless performance outputs for the campaign. It displayed how easy it is to use the app. Working with creators who integrated the product in their videos after using them for their personal investing gave the campaign authenticity.

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Some Of The Videos

Hands down the easiest app to use for investing in Crypto!

Only app at the moment to provide seamless crypto experience!

Love the fantastic UI on the app! It is as really pleasing experience!

CoinDCX Go has the fast execution of transactions and it is free to use. I recommended it to my friends and family as well!

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