Algorix – Case Study

Algorix Case Study

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AlgoriX is an independent global media & technology company, backed by investments from international venture capitalists. The core team of AlgoriX is equipped with years of experience from leading global internet and AdTech companies. Through our team’s expertise, AlgoriX is able to bring to our partners best-in-class technology solutions and know-how to effectively scale their revenue and deliver results.

algorix influencer marketing case study

Content Map

The content created for this campaign was mainly focussed on the teenagers and the youth. Keeping the content in sync with the current trends was the most important aspect of the campaign. Looking at what type of content they interact with, we curated a campaign surrounding the friendships and the pranks friends play with each other.

The Creators

We collaborated with lifestyle influencers who created content around the ’MyIconChanger’ app created by the brand. It mainly focused on promoting the app in a non-traditional, fun and unique way showcasing different situations where the app can be useful instead of just normally explaining the features of the app. This in turn created a hype around people trying out the app themselves to prank their friends.

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Some Of The Videos

I like to customize my phone as much as possible. This app made it easy for me to do it!

For people who want to make your device as unique as yourself!

Using AlgoriX Exchange, we significantly boosted the monetization revenue for our owned apps using best performing ad formats.

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