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Confluencr is an award-winning platform that creates content driven influencer campaigns for FMCG brands. Share your requirements and we’ll craft a bespoke campaign with our network of 15,000+ influencers.

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Inherent Challenges Of The Industry

FMCG Industry has been booming since the pandemic begin although the industry has underlying challenges that has slowed down the growth of the Industry due to heavy reliance on retail sales, lack of e-commerce adoption and increased competition in the market.

Reliance on Retail Sales

Heavy reliance on retail sales revenue has decreased market share for credible companies in 2021. Brands need to be omnipresent on digital marketplaces and ecommerce channels to increase their sales revenue and awareness.

Lack of Digital Marketing

Lack of digital adoption of marketing methods has led to decreased awareness for most brands. Brands need a carefully crafted digital strategy to regain and establish their brand identity in the market.

Highly Competitive Market

Differentiating from competitors is the biggest challenge of FMCG that operates in a Perfect Competition economy. Establishing a unique brand narrative and identity is key to a long-lasting impact for new age consumers online.

Influencer Marketing Channels for FMCG Industry

The challenges of the FMCG Industry are growing and hence the solutions have to win the customer through creative and differentiated campaigns.

youtube Influencer Marketing

Long form product reviews on YouTube

Associate with youtube influencers to drive product recommendations and disseminate information about your products.

Rate Improvement on relevant Consumer Tech Influencer Marketing Platforms

Improve rating on relevant platforms

Drive your organic ratings on all relevant eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart through product reviews.

Influencer Marketing for Consumer Tech Brand Awareness

Brand awareness via Instagram

Create awareness about your brand through snackible content on Instagram.

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Serving Diverse FMCG Brands

Confluencr has been advancing into the FMCG Industry by closely working with diverse brands from the sector.

Packaged Goods

Packed Food & Beverage products are increasing in the industry and can be differentiated by creating unique content from Influencer Campaigns.

Baby Care Products

Baby Care Products require good quality word of mouth recommendations that can be driven through content mapping through influencer campaigns to increase brand credibility.

Household Goods

Household goods with high functionality are in high demand . We help brands disseminate their product information through our network of influencers.

Beauty & Personal Care

Confluencr works with the largest beauty, personal care and hygiene brands of today on long and short form video content to help drive awareness and conversion.

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