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We drive consumers towards your app/ product via very distinctive content created by the finest Influencers. Share your requirements and we’ll craft a bespoke campaign with our network of influencers.

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Inherent Challenges Of The Industry

If you go looking for a smart watch, you will find at least a 100 options in less than a few seconds. And, the challenge doesn’t end there. Most of these products are similar, and it becomes extremely challenging for a brand to stand out in the market.

Fast Evolving Industry

The consumer needs are evolving rapidly, hence making it tough to innovate products and market them to the right audience while maintaining differentiation.

Crowded Market With Similar Offering

For especially consumer tech companies there are multiple brands offering the same products at similar price points making it tough to stand out and build long-term retention.

Driving Consumer Loyalty

For a consumer to be loyal to an electronic brand has become challenging with diverse options, competitive price points and after sales service in the market.

Influencer Marketing Channels for Consumer Tech Industry

The challenges of the Consumer Tech Industry are growing rapidly and hence the solutions have to win the customer through Information and Awareness.

youtube Influencer Marketing

Long form product reviews on YouTube

Associate with YouTube Influencers to drive product recommendations and disseminate information about your products.

Rate Improvement on relevant Consumer Tech Influencer Marketing Platforms

Improve rating on relevant platforms

Drive your organic ratings on all relevant platforms through credible product reviews.

Influencer Marketing for Consumer Tech Brand Awareness

Brand awareness via Instagram

Create awareness about your brand through snackible and entertaining content on Instagram.

30+ Brands | 2500+ Content Created

Serving Diverse Consumer Tech Brands​

Confluencr has been advancing into the Consumer Tech Industry by closely working with diverse brands from the sector.

Computer Tech

Computers are the heart of accomplishing great things. With many small to large businesses on the rise, computer related electronics are flooding with product variations. Confluencr's Campaigns help carve a brand differentiation in a crowded market.

Artificial Intelligence Tech

AI, AR and VR tech is the future of the industry. We recognise the potential of AI and its rapid increase in the next 50 years. From content driven campaigns we create brand awareness among consumers to contribute to the future of Technology.

Smart Electronics

With various smart tech like phones, tablets and watches increasing in the market. Choosing the right product is tough. We drive consumers attention and loyalty through credible content that helps with purchasing decisions via trusted Influencers.

Entertainment Tech

Entertainment electronics our are go to time kilers from gaming consoles to Televisions. Our campaigns create a informatic and impactful delivery to increase your product discovery among consumers.

Our Consumer Tech Success Stories

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Influencer Marketing For Consumer Tech Brands
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