Top 10 Skincare Influencers In India On YouTube

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Skin care is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions. They can include nutrition, avoidance of excessive sun exposure and appropriate use of emollients. But achieving a good skincare routine is equally hard. That’s where skincare influencers come in. Their range of product knowledge and different conscious ways of applying products are always revolutionizing. 

Skincare knowledge from these influencers must have saved thousands of people from a bad breakout, acne or even just maintenance of glowy skin. Their tips and tricks have tricked us into loving them and their skill, and so are beauty, skincare and makeup brands eager to find influencers for fruitful collaborations. Being India’s leading YouTube influencer marketing agency, we have curated a list of the top 10 skincare influencers in India on YouTube that are thriving with relatable content on skincare, beauty and cosmetics.

Top 10 Indian Skincare Influencers On Youtube:

Sampati Banerjee is a Skincare, Makeup and Lifestyle influencer on Instagram. She has a fan base for her trial videos where she tries different items and products to review them for her followers. She has around 200 videos on her YouTube channel mainly focusing on Skincare. Her playlist includes reviews, her best finds, recommendations and sharing her routine for flawless skin.

Growing at a fast pace, this Indian skincare influencer is on her way to reaching 10k followers on Instagram.

Shefali Rawat is a Makeup Artist and Content Creator on YouTube. She is studying Skin and Makeup and how it works. In her free time uploads videos on social media sites. In 2020 started a YouTube channel and now Shefali has 640K plus subscribers. 

From such a young age, Shefali is doing great work and also learned to earn passive money from it. She regularly posts short videos related to grooming the face. For example skin colouring, facial, hair straightening, acne removal and more things. She shares hacks, self-care and even mini vlogs on her YouTube channel.

This skincare influencer in India also promoted the popular cosmetic product of Lakme which is owned by Tata Group. Apart from YouTube, she also maintains an inspiring Instagram account where she prefers posting photos only.

Be Your Best is a channel managed by San Karla. He makes content on Men’s fashion, hair care, skincare, personality and beard styling. He posts every Wednesday at 6 pm and Sunday at 12 pm weekly. 

This Indian male fashion and skincare influencer is not afraid to open hard conversations. He promotes grooming for men in a women-dominated industry. He takes up challenges and even makes content in Hindi for his audience. He shares fitness tips and success stories too.

Tarun is a Grooming and Styling expert with an interest to educate his followers. From basic beginner guides like how to trim a beard to a full grooming routine. He shares all the information he has acquired. 

He also makes videos on Habits, tips, and the best from a lot of products. His How To Trim Your Beard video has garnered a whopping 1.8M views. He believes that he wants to help everyone transform and be better each day. His way of helping us? Its YouTube!

Tarini is a rising Social Media Influencer. She is an Indian Instagram star, a Model, and a YouTube star. She mainly shares her Instagram accounts with Modeling photos and lifestyle photos.

She was interviewed by Lifestyle Asia. When asked, ‘Is there a basic skincare regime you follow, and what does it entail?’ She shared detailed insight into her personal skincare routine. 

This Indian beauty vlogger on YouTube also had her debut in Cannes this year. The influencer grabbed eyeballs on the red carpet while walking for famous beauty and cosmetic brand, Loreal, who opened up about her journey with Republic Media Network

She tries out various National and International brands like Lakme, Charlotte Tilbury and Paula’s Choice and shares reviews with her fanbase. She makes comparison videos and shares her favourites on her YouTube channel.

Jovita George is a beauty vlogger, fashion model, content creator, and social media influencer. She is primarily known for sharing information about beauty, makeup, lifestyle accessories, etc in her videos.  She started making Youtube videos form January 2011. 

She is a creative person who is passionate about creation. She has been creating a variety of DIY projects, stylish outfits, tools, and designs since childhood. After completing her graduation this Indian beauty and skincare influencer worked with various organizations as a software engineer, marketing manager, photoshoot stylist, and art director, TV presenter, Amy, fashion model and going through her multifaceted professional journey she found that vlogging about fashion and beauty is her real passion so she started making youtube videos. She also won the title of Miss Kerala in 2005.

She became popular with her half and half-different cultural makeup looks. She does everything related to makeup and skincare. From celebrity routines to Beauty hauls, she covers the entire beauty, fashion, makeup and skincare industry spectrum.

Shreya started her career in 2010 on YouTube under the name “SJLovesJewellery.” Today, she is a famous model, influencer, makeup and beauty expert. 

Shreya Jain posted her debut video “DIY facial mask-fuller’s earth”. Her every video is an amalgamation of makeup reviews, beauty tips and simple makeup suggestions. She has her collection with TheFaceShop and MAC called – TheFaceShopx SheryaJain Ke Saare Must-Haves Ka-Kit and MAC Sherya Jain Festive Kit.

Shreya Jain has teamed up with popular Indian cosmetic brand YBP to create her own makeup range and YBP has become very popular for her makeup sponges which are a favourite of many famous beauty bloggers. This Indian beauty and skincare influencer has worked as a stylist at Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week. 

Currently, Shreya focuses on making Top 10 videos on each type of beauty product. She also is famous for having a playlist for dupes and affordable products.

Himadri gain popularity during the last 3 years.  She is an Instagram Model, Video Creator, TikTok Star, Makeup Artist and a famous Fashion, Lifestyle and Fitness Influencer and Blogger. She is known for her Beautiful Looks, adorable grin, Style and Personality. 

She has been the face of Femina India magazine. Himadri Patel is a famous celebrity who gained a lot of fame by posting photos with inspirational captions and Reels on her Instagram account.  

She creates a lot of vlogs on YouTube and creates small videos of her dynamic makeup looks.

Somya Gupta is a Vlogger and Actor. She has a YouTube Channel in which she uploads her makeup and Travel Video. She is also an Indian Model, YouTube Star, Instagram Star, and Makeup Artist. So she is a fully Popular Social Media Star.

She worked for many advertisements and for many brands. Somya Gupta is featured by many modelling agencies. She uploads her fashionable and stylish photographs and reels videos on Instagram. This Indian skincare influencer makes a lot of content on skincare product hauls, routines and fashion.

Chetali Chadha is a famous social media influencer nowadays, especially on YouTube and Instagram. She is a Makeup Artist and Famous Fashion Blogger, who tells about beauty tips on her Instagram. Many of her photos and videos have gone viral on many social media platforms and also she has a very huge fanbase.

On YouTube, this Indian skincare influencer makes skin-specific videos. Her videos range from, Budget Skincare Routine, Anti-aging nighttime skincare routine, and DIY for dark circles just to name a few. Her content is very detailed and has her own addition and feedback. She is not afraid to test products and suggest the best for her consumers.


With a style statement of their own and highly relevant content, these top 0 skincare influencers on YouTube have paved their way toward success. With these influencers recommending products and skincare essentials, skincare brands have gotten a trustworthy medium to place their products in front of their target audience. Tese influencers enjoy a considerable swy in the purchase decision of their audiences and are a must for brands to collaborate with in order to stand out from the crowd. 

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