Top 10 Skincare Influencers In India On YouTube

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Skin care is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions. They can include nutrition, avoidance of excessive sun exposure and appropriate use of moisturizing products.

However, achieving a good skincare routine is equally hard. That’s where skincare influencers come in. Their range of product knowledge and different conscious ways of applying products are always revolutionizing. 

Skincare knowledge from these influencers must have saved thousands of people from a bad breakout, acne or even just maintenance of glowy skin. Their tips and tricks have tricked us into loving them and their skill, and so are beauty, skincare and makeup brands eager to find influencers for fruitful collaborations. 

Being India’s leading YouTube influencer marketing agency, we have curated a list of the top 10 skincare influencers in India on YouTube that are thriving with relatable content on skincare, beauty and cosmetics.

Top 10 Indian Skincare Influencers On Youtube:

Shreya started her career on YouTube under the name “SJLovesJewellery.” She has now become a famous model, influencer, makeup and beauty expert

Shreya Jain posted her debut video “DIY facial mask-fuller’s earth”. Her every video consists of makeup reviews, beauty tips and simple makeup suggestions. She has collaborated with brands such as TheFaceShop and MAC called – TheFace Shopx Sherya Jain Ke Saare Must-Haves Ka-Kit and MAC Sherya Jain Festive Kit to create her own line of makeup.

Shreya Jain has teamed up with popular Indian cosmetic brand YBP to create her makeup range and YBP has become very popular for her makeup sponges which are a favourite of many famous beauty bloggers. This Indian beauty and skincare influencer has worked as a stylist at Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week

Currently, Shreya focuses on making the Top 10 videos on each type of beauty product. She also is famous for having a playlist for dupes and affordable products.

Ankita is a True-Blue beauty lover. She started her YouTube career in 2013, and since then has become one of the top Indian Skincare influencers. 

Ankita posted her first video “Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial”. She makes videos on topics ranging from makeup tutorials to skincare tips. Her most viewed video “Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer – Review” has gained views in millions and the numbers keep going up and up.

Ankita so far has uploaded over 700 videos on her channel, and every one of them is unique and different from others, the content of the videos is generally focused towards skincare, haircare, make-up recommendations and tutorials

Debasree started her YouTube journey in 2013 with her debut video “Easy Topknot Bun for school/office ( No bun maker or bobby pins required )” on her channel. She has since started her eyeliner brand D/Fine by Debasreee which specialises in beautiful and fun shades of eye shadows and eyeliners.

She makes content around makeup and skincare product reviews, hair care and skincare routine, and also is an advocate of self-care, and makes videos on topics that include that includes Yoga, Night and Morning routines, workout routines and others. 

Debasree has a series called #makeupdecoded on her Instagram handle, where she explains how a makeup trend is done and became famous. 


Shalini is a haircare & skincare expert on YouTube. She started posting her videos with “How to: Everyday Fishtail Braids” on YouTube. 

Ever since then, she hasn’t looked back. Shalini known as “Knot Me Pretty” is one of the best skin and haircare YouTubers in India and has become everyone’s first choice for hair product reviews, care tips, styling and DIY remedies. Especially people looking for hair styling ideas.

Shalini is also the founder of “Knot Me Pretty” accessories. Her brand ranges from Hairpins to Hair combs to Hair clips and Hair barrettes; every piece is cuter than the other.


Even though she made her YouTube debut in 2014, she didn’t start posting videos until 2016. Now with a huge number of subscribers and over 600 videos, is one of the top makeup and skincare YouTube channels in India. 

Malvika’s YouTube is full of Skincare tips and recommendations, Makeup tutorials and question/answer vlogs with her subscribers, she also uploads vlogs updating her subscribers with her life. Malvika recently made her debut in Cannes and made heads turn on the red carpet with her beauty and fashion

Malvika with her fellow creator and best friend Veronica Bahl is building a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand – Masic Beauty.


Saima runs one of the top skincare YouTube channels in India. Her YouTube channel @shystyles focuses on fashion and beauty. Her beautifully curated content ranges from fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, skincare tips and tricks and so much more.

Her continuous and famous series on her channel are her GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos which are a follower favourite. Her videos have an average viewership of 24k and above, and her subscribers are a count in Millions. 

Saima is not just a YouTuber, she also owns a brand named Shy Styles Label, which focuses on fashion accessories and apparel



Shalini is a dedicated skincare and beauty lover. Her whole YouTube channel is dedicated to reviewing new and old skincare products. Her raw and brutal reviews are what has bought her space as one of the best skincare influencers

Shalini has reviewed brands like Kay Beauty, ELF, Maybelline, HK Vitals, and so many more. One of the most viewed videos includes “Skincare on a budget”, talking about budget-friendly skincare products that are easily available. 

Shalini runs a blog called “Be Beautilicious” and is a founder of a clean and cruelty-free makeup brand “My Hues”, which currently sells the most beautiful shades of lipstick one has ever seen.

Sejal started her influencer journey in 2014 with “Summer Style, Live from Turkey” as her first video on YouTube. She gained popularity through her satirical Expectations vs Reality videos, which are still the most viewed videos on her channel.

Though she is one of the best skincare YouTube channels on YouTube, her video content has a really wide range. Be it skincare recommendations, makeup tricks, health and wellness videos or sketch videos, she has done it all. Most recently, she has released her Original Hindi Soundtrack.

Sonal gained popularity through her videos on makeup recommendations, she is especially famous among her followers for reviews on different lipstick and lip care products. Her suggestions and advice are received very well. 

In 2011, Sonal first uploaded her video “My Version Of Michelle’s Sexy City Look” on her YouTube channel. Sonal is known to be very creative with her make-up and tries on different makeup

She has a series of videos dedicated to #Amazonfinds, where she reviews random makeup and beauty products she found on Amazon. 

Roshni is a social media influencer, who is popular for her skincare advice and recommendations. Even though Roshni joined YouTube in 2016, it wasn’t until 2018 that she posted her first video “My Quick & Easy Winter Glam Makeup”. 

Roshni has over 580K followers and over 60 videos on her YouTube channel, where she posts all about her travel vlogs, her makeup recommendations and tutorials. She is also famous for her content on skincare hacks and tips with haircare videos. 

Roshni experiments with her content a lot to keep it fresh and relevant, out of which her videos with Hindi commentary are the most viewed and helped her gain a lot of followers.


With a style statement of their own and highly relevant content, these top 0 skincare influencers on YouTube have paved their way toward success. With these influencers recommending products and skincare essentials, skincare brands have gotten a trustworthy medium to place their products in front of their target audience. Tese influencers enjoy a considerable swy in the purchase decision of their audiences and are a must for brands to collaborate with in order to stand out from the crowd. 

Confluencr being a leading influencer marketing agency provides end-to-end solutions for all things influencers and brands. Our connections and your expertise in the subject combined can direct your brand into a better future. We can help you connect with the right set of influencers in the skincare niche and can drive potential growth for your brand. Want to know more about skincare influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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