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Vooki is a natural, planet-friendly approach to home cleaning and disinfection, emphasizing the safety of loved ones. Its effective formulas protect surfaces without harsh chemicals, crafted from naturally-sourced ingredients for soft skin and germ-free surfaces. Vooki goes beyond being just a product; it embodies a lifestyle commitment to safeguarding families, homes, and the planet.
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Influencer Profiling

The goal was to promote Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Dish Washer, Hard Stains Spray, and Limescale Spray by highlighting their unique selling points compared to other products in the market. To achieve this, we collaborated with home decor and lifestyle influencers to effectively communicate the products’ benefits.
We’ve collaborated with mostly micro to macro influencers to have a good balance and content spread out to reach different audiences.
We diversified the platform our content goes on by working with youtubers and instagram influencers. With youtubers we worked on Integrated videos to promote Vooki’s products in an organic way.
Content Frequency 
We took 1 influencer live every week to slowly build a good portfolio of content across youtube and instagram to increase brand awareness.
Content Style  
Our content strategy revolved around showcasing the product’s effectiveness through practical demonstrations. Influencers created content featuring the products in action, demonstrating their usage on real stains and highlighting their remarkable efficacy. This approach not only illustrated the product’s capabilities but also fostered a connection between the influencers and the audience. By revealing a vulnerable side and sharing relatable everyday struggles with stains, the influencers established a more authentic and empathetic connection with their viewers.

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