Vedix – Case Study

Vedix Case Study

Vedix - As Pure and Fresh as Mother Nature.

While every skin and hair type is different and has varied concerns to address, products with generic formulations have not been satisfactory. This motivated the founders to explore Ayurveda, which brings in customized and holistic approaches to address various skin and hair issues. Their journey to understand why most products do not work on every consumer and how Ayurveda can cater most effective customized solutions without side effects led to the inception of Vedix, the first and only customized Ayurvedic brand in India.
vedix case study

Content Map

The brand has had a vision to make content that is real and focussed on the needs of the people rather than just promoting the product. We aligned our campaign to this vision of theirs and curated a campaign around natural solutions for skincare and placed the products in the videos by organically mentioning them that the products provided by the brand are completely natural.

The Creators

With lifestyle and beauty influencers, we took this campaign live. The main aim of the campaign was to showcase how the natural solutions to the skincare needs are really helpful and provide an authentic touch. The Ayurveda has been trusted for a long time with all our medicinal needs and with the inclusion of concept form it, this campaign hit close to home for a lot of people and created a positive impact on the use of the products form the brand.

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Some Of The Videos

The products left me refreshed and rejuvenated!

The natural touch in every product is something that brings me to them!

The use of Tridosha concept is very innovative!

The amalgamation of Ayurveda with skincare is flawless!

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