TickerTape Case Study

The in-depth research of Stocks is a click away!

The brand provides data, information & content for Indian stocks, ETFs & indices. Tickertape is a content and information platform for stocks, ETFs, and other investment instruments. They offer various services like stock screener – a tool to screen stocks based on various fundamental and technical parameters, Market Mood Index – sentiment indicator of Indian stock market, Learn – a portal to learn basic financial and economic terms.

Essentially, The company builds technology platforms & investment products for retail investors to invest better in Indian equities. For the same, we were tasked with creating brand awareness and driving sales, in terms of account openings.

Confluencr TickerTape Case Study

Content Map

The brand comes with expertise on in-depth research about investments in general and stocks. Now, taking this as a pillar for our content, we onboarded YouTubers who made series of videos, about the same brand, talking about the brand in general, and then in the later videos, subtly integrating some specific services that TickerTape provides. For maximum impact on the viewers, each content creator did multiple videos, each time indulging in an informative conversation witht their audience

The Creators

Micro influencers who have Finance channels, specifically about Stock Market were a part of this campaign with us. Some did fully dedicated videos, whale others did multiple integrated videos on YouTube. All of them not only spoke about the brand, but also imparted their knowledge and the importance of research while investing. They achieved the goal of educating their followers and converting them into loyal customers for the brand.

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Some Of the posts

So ripe with information. Great content!

Agreed. Research is the need of the hour! ThankYou for sharing such insights about trading.

Wonderful service and even well presented

Definitely will give this a try. Sounds promising!

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