Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Influencers Creating Content In English

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If you’re not familiar with the term ‘influencers,’ in general, they’re a community of online personalities who promote products and services to a wider audience. Because of their digital presence and reputation, they’re largely responsible for impacting their followers’ purchasing decisions. 

A lifestyle of a particular person or group of people in the living conditions, behaviour, and habits that are typical of them or are chosen by them. They enjoyed an income and lifestyle that many people would envy. 

These life experiences and situations set a person apart from the mix. Marketers are always eager to find these interesting personalities on the internet and they always have an interesting take on each product. 

These individuals not only make their fan’s life a little easier with one video each but are also a great marketing medium. With their followers trusting their reviews and recommendations, lifestyle influencers become a great fit for a variety of brands from fashion to fitness to travel. Here’s our pick on the top 10 best lifestyle influencers creating content in English:

Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Influencers Creating Content in English:

Shreya Jain is one of the oldest Indian Fashion vloggers, starting her journey way back in 2010 when she used to be just a chubby kid in front of a camera. 

She has never looked back since that day and has now become a fashion icon. She is most famous for her outfit styling videos, wherein she shares how to style a very basic outfit into a chic ensemble.

She is an expert in a field and is loved by the brands she endorses. Her word is the bible for many.  She recreates looks and tests different countries’ makeup application styles, reviews products, and does haul.

Debasree Banerjee is a fashion, makeup, and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber with 2.65 lakh subscribers from Dibrugarh, Assam. 

She is a true example of a “small-town girl making it big” as well as an inspiration to every girl who aspires to become one of the best lifestyle vloggers. Uploading new videos every Friday, Debasree without fail ceases to come with unique fashion content leaving her audience in awe.

She also has her beauty brand today called debasreebeauty. Encouraging people to play with their creativity and define their sense of beauty. 

A person who is extremely fond of yoga and simple living has a little boho spirit in her.

Going by the name of Ms. Jovita George, Jovita is breaking the taboo and embracing her dusky skin tone and making all the girls fall in love with the idea of being dark-skinned. Her content is all about fashion, makeup, and skin care. Her quality of being relatable and raw has helped her gain such a huge fan base.

Jovita George is a social media influencer, fashion model, content developer, and beauty blogger. She is most recognized for imparting knowledge on topics like beauty, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and more in her videos. She began posting videos to YouTube in January 2011 and currently has 6.81 Lakh subscribers there as well as 131K Instagram followers.

Jovita is a highly educated woman; she graduated from Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology in Kochi, Kerala, with a degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. She is a passionate creator who is gifted with creativity. Since early youth, she has been producing a wide range of DIY projects, fashionable attire, gadgets, and ideas.

After graduating, she worked for a variety of companies as a software engineer, marketing manager, photoshoot stylist, and art director, as well as a TV presenter and a fashion model. As she progressed through her varied professional career, she realized that blogging about fashion and beauty was her true passion, so she began creating youtube videos. In 2005, she was crowned Miss Kerala.

When it comes to top fashion vloggers, Shruti Arjun Anand needs no introduction. A mother of two, an entrepreneur, and of course inspiration, Shruti has proved women can do anything and everything. 

Her content can be consumed by anyone of any age group and she knows what she is talking aboutThe small-town girl from Jhansi, India, working in the American IT industry. Shruti is renowned on YouTube for producing engaging material for young people. She makes videos on sketch comedy as well as stuff about fashion, beauty, cosmetics, and hairstyles. She performs cosmetic tutorials, product reviews, and wacky lifestyle material. Her channel is also among the best lifestyle youtube channels with 99.2 lakh subscribers.

The blogger, who is 34 years old, has worked with various YouTube celebrities, including Prajakta Koli. Hairstyles and appearances to wear for various events are another area of expertise for Shruti Arjun Anand. Over the years, her films have garnered a lot of admiration. The top 10 popular videos included some of Shruti’s videos as well

Popularly known as Delhi Fashion Blogger, Komal is a fashion & beauty YouTuber with 1.26 lakh subscribers who occasionally share DIY, lifestyle, and Cooking videos on her channel. She also runs a fashion blog by the name of Delhi Fashion Blogger.

In addition to being a Delhi-based fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger, Komal Khulbe is a full-time YouTuber. We had an open conversation with her on the world of blogging, feminism, and so much more. She has a passion for fashion, vintage phones, architecture, and art.

She has always had strong opinions, even before she started writing in 2009. It appeared to be the ideal setting for her to express her viewpoint. Larger media corporations at the time had access to industry intelligence, therefore it was a drastic change. Her material has evolved along with her, starting with a jewellery blog, then on to a fashion one, and finally to a lifestyle and beauty platform. She had the idea to launch a YouTube channel in 2011 since she was energetic and had strong opinions. The change in content seemed more natural and more personal. She was thus correct!

Komal Narang is not only a Fashion influencer, one of the best youtube with 3.52 lakh subscribers and lifestyle vloggers but also a mom blogger with an insight into how fashion works and an amazing zest for life! 

Her debut video came in 2013. You can find videos about fashion, make-up, family, healthy cooking, and whatnot with one thing common among them- her bubbly smile!

Komal Narang likes making videos to promote mindfulness. Self-care is the largest expression of love, according to Komal Narang, who strongly believes in conscious living. She has spoken at TEDx events as well. She has had about three lakh subscribers to her popular YouTube channel for the past eight years.

She distinguishes herself from other fashion and beauty bloggers by keeping her videos upbeat and honest. Additionally, she has a second YouTube channel called KomalVlogs where she updates viewers on her life.

She uploads videos to her channel with her adorable son and adoring hubby. Her audience adores her work, which motivates her to succeed in her line of work. She is a rising celebrity who uses her social media platforms to promote numerous brands.

Her writing is more interesting since she works hard and has relatable experiences. Her efforts at work are recognized, and she has achieved great popularity as a result.

She seems stunning. She offers straightforward, practical advice on cosmetics and fashion that anybody can use. She attempts to engage with her followers frequently on all social media sites, where she is highly active.

Ankita or better known as Corallista is easily one of the top fashion vloggers. She is an IIT graduate engineer- turned- fashion and beauty influencer, talks about beauty with brains! 

On her channel, you can find content about Fashion & Beauty, Style, and Wellness. You will often find her sharing festival looks and talking about body positivity.

Arshia Moorjani is a 29- year- old Indian- American Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, YouTuber with 4.36 lakh subscribers, and skin enthusiast. Her blog is called Love Being Chic

On her YouTube channel, you can find her creating new looks, imitating celebrity looks, honest product reviews, and of course lifestyle videos.

Arshia Moorjani creates content with a beauty-centric focus. On social media, she has over 800,000 followers. Along with her beauty tips, she likes to share her audience’s favourite looks and lifestyles.

Up till the age of 8, Arshia lived in India with her family before relocating there.

She worked in the fashion industry while attending The Fashion Institute of Technology to study Fashion Merchandising (before that, she worked at both Sephora & MAC as a makeup artist). She eventually dropped out of college but kept working corporately before switching to become an editor at Cosmopolitan India. She became aware of the dearth of South Asian content producers who concentrated on beauty when she was working at Cosmo India and decided to fill the gap. She had a great passion for cosmetics and wanted to teach people the expert advice and techniques she had picked up while working in the beauty industry.

She is now a new mother and a full-time content creator after more than FIVE years! Arshia enjoys imparting her beauty, style, and lifestyle advice to her audience, but her main goal is to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty.

Nivedith has travelled to more than thirty countries and shares twelve plus years of travelling career. 

He has featured on LoneyPlanet, TravelXP, TOI, NatGeo, and many more travelling platforms from across the world. He has worked with several travel brands and platforms the main reason being to generate awareness. 

Nivedith Gajapathy travels for 200 days a year to gain experiences and live up to his role as a travel blogger. These include both FAM and individual travel. He spends his day producing material for numerous social media platforms, monitoring current trends, and following the activities of other bloggers. Emails and payment follow-ups are additional chores.

He chose to create the brand #MacroTraveller, which he hopes will become synonymous with being the One-Shot answer for all luxury travel and lifestyle information, advice, and excursions. The name is based on his real name and Avatar.

Malvika is famous not only for her fashion content but also for sharing her skincare routine, she has collaborated with so many skincare brands already. 

Her recommendation matters the most among her audience which ruly every influencer wants. If you love makeovers or looking to upgrade your makeup products check her profile to discover worth buying products within your budget.


Back in the 1990s, blogging was huge. In a few decades, bloggers will still exist with extensive material libraries, but it won’t be their only method of fan communication. Today’s lifestyle influencers share information about their lives, families, and interests with the public through a combination of web publications and social media posts.

The lives of these influencers may only be described as extraordinary. Even with the same issues in life, they always manage to brighten your day with their engaging content. These lifestyle influencers cover everything from cultures to beauty to fashion to travel!

Lifestyle Influencer marketing is a type of social media promotion that involves the endorsing and positioning of products by influencers, individuals, and groups with a pretended expert degree of expertise or social influence in their industry.

To know more about brand and content creation, we have Confluncr have you covered! Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get back to you!

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