Influencers are essential in the beauty industry. Research shows that more than 65% of consumers decide to buy a cosmetic product after hearing reviews from influencers.

1. Shruti Arjun Anand - 9.97M subscribers

Shruti Anand is your go-to YouTuber if you want to know makeup tricks & hacks or you're a beginner. From Skincare to Makeup, this Youtuber got you covered with everything.

2. Shreya Jain - 752K subscribers

Shreya Jain is a famous makeup influencer, blogger and Youtuber and one of India's most influential influencers on Instagram. The Beauty Influencer is loved by fans for her honest opinions.

3. Malvika Sitlani - 765K subscribers

Malvika is a prominent beauty influencer with many followers on both YouTube and Instagram. Her tutorials are easy to follow even as a beginner, and she often shares her travel vlogs with her fans.

4. Ankita Chaturvedi - 766K subscribers

Ankita is a trained UK-based makeup artist. She started her blog from her dorm and now owns a YouTube channel with 761k subscribers. Not only makeup; she also shares tips on skincare and mental health.

5. Megha Bahuguna - 1.43M subscribers

Leaving her monotonous corporate life behind, Megha started Perkymegs to upload beauty & fashion videos every week. She now uploads videos around fashion trends, makeup looks, and "hauls" videos.

6. Mrunal Panchal - 796K subscribers

Mrunal is one of India's most well-known top makeup bloggers & makeup influencers. She shares hair care tutorials, face care tutorials, skincare essentials, and travel vlogs on Youtube.

7. Roshni Bhatia - 595K subscribers

Roshni is elegant, and her makeup is always on point. She is fashionable, and her makeup tutorials are easy to follow, even for a beginner. She also covers skincare on her channel.

8. Kritika Khurana - 778K subscribers

The Indian makeup Influencer & travel blogger Kritika Khurana is among the most influential in her field. The Boho Girl, the fashion and lifestyle blog, was the rise of her prominence on the Internet.

9. Chetali Chadha - 470K subscribers

Having swapped her corporate job at Myntra for YouTube fame, she's created an impressive selection of makeup tutorials and hauls with practical advice that caters to every budget.

10. Anindita Chakravarty - 246K subscribers

Anindita is a professional makeup artist. She uploads tutorials, affordable makeup, skincare routines, and hauls which viewers love.

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