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People turn to eminent beauty influencers on social media platforms for makeup, skincare and beauty tips, and are loved by their fans for the content they create.


Komal Gudan is a well-known model, YouTube sensation, and Instagram celebrity. She runs the Super Style Tips channel on the YouTube platform.

Komal Gudan 

3.45M Subscribers


Jyotii Sethi Raina is a multifaceted person and a popular beauty YouTuber. She also ventures into travel and leisure.

Jyotii Sethi

720K Subscribers


An Indian actress and sporadic fashion blogger, she features both product tutorials and reviews, as well as other elements typical to a beauty vlog

Shivangi Sharma

541K Subscribers


She creates content around distinctive cosmetic demonstrations, exquisitely crafted “try-on hauls,” and frank product critiques.

Debasree Banerjee

264K Subscribers


Shalini’s YouTube channel has numerous product reviews, amusing makeup demonstrations, and instructive tips & techniques.

Shalini Srivastava

142K Subscribers


A nutritionist and a makeup artist. She speaks passionately about everything makeup-related on her blog and YouTube channel.

Kavya Kainth

255K Subscribers


This regional beauty influencer’s channel is filled with a tonne of videos on fashion, beauty, and other related topics.

Simran Bhatia

82.6K Subscribers


She is renowned for creating unique beauty looks, offering makeup lessons, and exhibiting the most recent fashion trends.

Akanksha Kommirelly

79.1K Subscribers


The lavish styles that Sohini crafts are easy to adopt. She also offers courses and makeup tips for achieving Bollywood looks.

Sohini Chanda

62.8K Subscribers


Vrushali Vachhiyat is a renowned influencer in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches. She is a model as well.

Vrushali Vachhiyat

21.3K Subscribers

Disc Pie Chart

We hope that our list of the top beauty bloggers for 2022 will make it simpler for you to locate someone who complements your style and beauty regimen.

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