The Best Influencers For Fintech Brands In India

Startup Gyaan 412K Subscribers

Startup Gyaan has gained much traction due to its reviews of startups, businesses and their engaging discussions on entrepreneurship and motivation.

Chart Analysis 169K Subscribers

This channel simplifies technical concepts like pattern recognition, indicators, cyclical analysis, chart analysis and intraday trading for the layman.

Sumit Jaiswal 155K Subscribers

Sumit Jaiswal’s channel reaches out to his follower base with systematic videos about online loans, bank loans, credit card knowledge, and multiple other finance-related topics.

Fantastic Nifty 218K Subscribers

This fintech influencer's YouTube channel, 'Fantastic Nifty,' covers mid-cap, small-cap, large-cap stocks, revenue analysis, share recommendations, zero debt companies, pledging, stock holding, and more.

Stock 4 Retail 159K Subscribers

Stock4Retail’s videos contain stock market, investment, and financial solutions with topics covering the length and breadth of share markets and trading.

Long Term Shares 129K Subscribers

Long Term Shares is a channel that reaches out to the masses with recommendations in stocks and the Indian stock market.

Ravinder Vats 128K Subscribers

A Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Ravinder Vats’s videos shed light on market corrections, NIFTY recoveries, live streams, and bank updates.

Tech & Finance 267K Subscribers

This channel posts trading demos, platform navigation tutorials, live intraday trading, and educational videos for novices looking for a way to start.

Hindi Stock Advice 125K Subscribers

Hindi stock advice  shares market-related information and directs viewers to discussions about the market news, companies to examine and engage in stocks with, and multiple reviews.

Marathi Sanket 1.53 M Subscribers

Driving the content to a much more targeted Marathi-speaking audience, Marathi Sanket is a channel that keeps its audience on its toes about the market information and updates.

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