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Indian Education Influencers on Linkedin You should follow

An education influencer uses their social media platform to promote educational content. These influencers often post about academic topics, share resources, and provide tips & advice.

Ronnie Screwvala - 499,283 followers

Ronnie Screwvala is a successful entrepreneur & advocates for the underprivileged in India. He co-founded upGrad, the largest online learning platform in India, and serves as its chairman.

Divya Gokulnath - 476,890 followers

She co-founded Byju's, the world's most valuable edtech company. She is a passionate educator & one of India's top ed-tech influencers on LinkedIn. She is focused on developing & modernizing new teaching methods.

Hansi Mehrotra - 287,806 followers

Hansi Mehrotra is a top specialist and the foremost expert on private wealth in India. She is the founder & editor of Money Management India and publishes bite-sized movies on personal finance.

Shreya Pattar - 137,985 followers

Shreya is a marketing and personal branding expert who assists entrepreneurs & business coaches. She also supports entrepreneurs and students in the area of technology.

Komal Ahuja - 105,712 followers

Komal is a freelancer who specializes in writing long-form content about marketing & eCommerce for B2B SaaS companies. She is also a blogger & content creator who educates & guides individuals in the field of social media.

Aditya Vivek Thota - 45,394 followers

Aditya Thota is a software engineer who enjoys storytelling and incorporates personal tales on soft skills, disruptive technologies, resume building, career, and education.

Jaspreet Bindra - 35,137 followers

The education influencer in India is the founder of Tech Whisperer Ltd. in the UK, a former Chief Digital Officer of Mahindra, Microsoft, and TAS, and the author of "The Tech Whisperer."

RL Narayanan - 29,396 followers

RL Narayanan is the top IT educator in India and a forward-thinking leader interested in the evolution of education, healthcare, and the economy through fostering collaboration.

Tanya Kakkar Mehra - Undisclosed followers

Tanya K. Mehra is a pioneer of India's digital growth and the director of the India Blockchain Alliance. With a marketing degree and nearly ten years of experience, she is an expert in her field.

Abhay Kumar Jain - Undisclosed followers

He is an entrepreneur, educator, and creative content creator on LinkedIn. He serves as the chairman and managing director of Virtual Voyage. This organization provides students with a platform to improve their overall educational experience.

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