Top 10 best Indian influencers in career niche to follow on YouTube.

The top 10 Indian influencers in education & career to follow on YouTube have become valuable assets for educational brands, helping to drive growth for their businesses.

He provides informative and motivational content on jobs, education, and interesting facts and shares his experiences. Praveen's goal is to provide accurate & unbiased information for his followers to make informed choices.

3.57M subscribers

Praveen Dilliwala


Ankur Warikoo is a famous Hindi-speaking influencer in India. He provides engaging and educational content on business failures, personal finance, investing, and career guidance in the form of entertaining videos.

2.66M subscribers

Ankur Warikoo


Sandeep Maheshwari is a well-known Indian career & motivational influencer on YouTube who shares his experiences of struggle, failure, & perseverance in pursuit of success, happiness, and fulfilment.

27M subscribers

Sandeep Maheshwari


Aman is a top JEE educator & a YouTuber. With a belief in providing high-quality education to all students, he has used his social media to guide millions of students towards success over the past five years.

4.29M subscribers

Aman Dhattarwal


Shwetabh Gangwar is a renowned expert in financial content, highly appreciated by the Indian audience. He is also an accomplished career counsellor, using his expertise to assist businesses in establishing strong brands.

1.4M subscribers

Shwetabh Gangwar


He covers various topics, like career guidance, personal finance, the stock market & investment techniques. He has a large following among millennials due to his unique approach to financial concepts, called "Kamra's Finology."

5M subscribers

Pranjal Kamra


Shobit Nirwan is an Indian YouTuber, educator, businessperson, and career coach who runs the YouTube channel "Shobit Nirwan." He is known for his motivational videos and strategies that his followers widely appreciate.

1.86M subscribers

Shobhit Nirwan


Meher is a motivational speaker and founder of MSB Vision. She provides advice on productivity and positivity, helping individuals make informed decisions about their education and careers.

58.6K subscribers

Mehar Sindhu Batra


Saheli uses Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to advise on building a successful freelancing career. She provides tips & shares personal experiences on how to start a freelancing business and have a successful career.

168K subscribers

Saheli Chatterji


Mohd Kashif is the founder of the "Dear Sir" YouTube channel, aimed at providing education to those who may not have access to it due to financial or other reasons.

14.7M subscribers

Mohd Kashif


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