Why should brands consider marketing on Quora?

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“Content needs to talk about the prospect’s problem and make prescriptions that will solve it.”- Dev Basu
(Chief Experience Officer, Powered By Search)

Content is the atomic particle of all marketing. It is the foundation of all marketing strategies, and hence, great content gives you the great power to influence your audience. Marketing has evolved with the evolution of different digital marketing platforms. Quora is one such platform that allows you to directly tap into the questions your target audience is already asking. Statistics by Social Samosa share insights into the behavior of users on Quora. It shows that Quora gets a whopping 100m+ unique visitors in India, who take it to the platform to compare products, write reviews, and ask questions before making a purchase. By being on Quora, you not just leverage your brand’s identity and awareness, but also create and post content that directly meets the needs of your audience. Thus making it all the more vital in your marketing strategy. Here’s what makes Quora a potential marketing platform for your business, and why you should consider marketing on Quora.


1. 6 Reasons Why Brands Should Consider Marketing On Quora

Exploring questions related to the brand marketing niche through a search lens

Particularly, on websites such as Quora, a brand can only be successful when they provide real value to its audience. It is not regarding offering incentives or discounts- it is regarding the value that audiences really wish to follow the brands for. The platform of Quora offers the brands a whole lot of opportunities to do so because their questions are to be answered anyway. Quora is excellent for producing organic awareness, assisting you to learn more about your audience, and improving your reputation. Quora is important for marketing because of the following reasons:

1. Drive Traffic And Exposure

Quora is among the popular sites for user-generated content. You are more likely to receive an exceptional reach to your content with more than 300 million active users monthly.

2. Increase Brand Awareness 

The expertise can be demonstrated on every topic, and you can join the ranks of various writers of high profile who already exist on the site. You will supposedly receive various thousand answers on the answers written by you, and the answers are visible and can be viewed after many months of writing them. This suggests that Quora is a wonderful platform to build awareness for your brand.

3. Gain Insight Into The Needs Of The Customers

There must be several questions popping up in your head. Experts answer any questions regardless of the topic. Similarly, you can also follow pertinent topics and get intuitions regarding the trends on the basis of the pattern of questions that crop up. The site can even be used for curating future content ideas for your brand.

4. Improve Visibility In Search Results

A user searching for the answers to her query in Tablet

The questions of Quora are searchable on Google. This refers to the fact that any questions that are answered will receive views from outside the user base of Quora as well. The contents on Quora remain evergreen which drives people back to the site when the problem trends. This shall also improve the visibility of your brand in Google search results.

5. Build A Community

You might at times stumble upon anyone asking several questions regarding your brand. You can utilize this opportunity to directly reach out to those people and provide support, and answers to their queries.

6. Build A Strong Identity

People in business analyzing the steps to market their brand identity

Brand identity is how you wish to portray your business to the customers. This includes selecting the business name, the shapes, and colors of graphics to be used, the design of the logo, and the kind of language to be used. Quora is a wonderful platform to drive traffic and build a positive image for your brand. On Quora, you just need to be helpful and knowledgeable for positioning yourself as an authority on a particular topic of expertise. The goal of the individual is to be professed as an expert, and the perfect way to do so is by selecting a topic or a few topics and investing effort and time in the answers.

If the answers are of good quality and are given quickly, people will upvote them, which will, in turn, bring the answers to the top place. The more effort and time put into answering questions, the more it will help to build the brand identity on the platform. When people on regular intervals see the answers on a particular topic, they will view the brand as an expert in a certain industry/ niche. 

This platform delivers a roadmap into what the customers are looking for from the business. Why waste time and effort on surveys of customers when on Quora, it is easy to find what customers ask for. The questions and answers sessions are a brilliant insight into the customers, what they need and how they think. Now that we know the power of marketing your brand on Quora, let us see how you can get started.

2. Getting Started On Quora: 6 Tips To Craft A Successful Marketing Strategy

Quora has a very diverse user base and content. It is a wonderful tool for marketing because you demonstrate value while creating detailed answers to the questions of the audience. Successful promotions mean finding your audience and delivering the type of value that allows them to follow you. The below-mentioned tips will guide you to get brand marketing started on Quora.

1. Making a wonderful bio 

A great profile is always important for any social platform. The foremost 50 characters are shown by Quora as a tagline in a profile above every answer. It is best to include your company’s name so that the readers can identify where you come from. Create topic-specific bios when your brand focuses on multiple niches. You can view the column ‘Knows About’ on the right-hand side. For every topic you select, you can describe your expertise in that field. Fill in the other stuff, including your interests and the about me section in detail, your education, and employment credentials. The best eye-catching profile picture for professionals is shoulders shot and a clean head. 

2. Tracking Relevant Topics With Notifications

The most important way to use Quora for marketing is by conducting research. Quora provides you with a list of suggestions of autocomplete topics for your exploration. You can learn about what the people of your industry are saying, have questions, and track topics. To start with, you can type a keyword in the search box, and a list of autocomplete suggestions will be provided for you to explore. Press on the ‘Follow’ button if you wish to follow a particular topic. Ensure that the notifications of email are set up properly to get alerts. 

3. Finding The Perfect Questions To Answer

To get the maximum out of your Quora marketing strategy, select the topics which fit your business. Questions answered by you with meaningful case studies and stats are best for social proof. Threads that have many upvotes get the most views, so select the threads having many upvotes. Apart from focusing on the new questions, answer questions that are trending.  Through this, you will have more chances to fill your profile with evidence of your knowledge and reach out to your audience at large.

4. Answering Questions With Authority And Passion

Ensure that your answer stands out. Don’t be scared to let your brand’s unique tone of voice shine through. The easiest way to build a constructive answer is by pulling snippets from the context that you have already created. You can grab an important quote from the latest article, expand it, and add a link to the site. You must ensure that your answers are correct factually. One must be pretty cautious when writing answers as the answers on Quora are mainly an information source for thesis and assignments. Note that your answers are skimmable and clear. Concise, to the point, and short answers are appreciated by the readers. Try writing neutrally while opting to answer controversial questions.

Further, the answers with graphic elements are more consumed, but the images must be relevant to the answer. Otherwise, the answer may be collapsed by the Quora moderation. Answer stops to get exposure in the website when collapsed. Moreover, updating the answers is essential when the facts of the answers are subject to alteration.

5. Connecting With Other Users On Quora

Group of people happily engaging with each other and resolving queries through Quora via mobile phones and tablets

While learning how to utilize Quora for marketing, one must not forget the necessity to engage with potential customers and leads. This is the best way you can improve your relationships with customers and address any queries and concerns. You can find the people on Quora asking questions regarding your particular company or product.

6. Reviewing Analytics Constantly

A User examining Quora marketing analytics results on their tablet

Being active on Quora is the best way to create leadership and credibility. When you give more answers, the more reputation and presence will grow. You can verify the ROI of your Q & A sessions. On the page of Quora, all the analytics of the questions that have been answered can be viewed. Everything can be tracked, from how many upvotes you receive to the number of people viewing your response. Thus, you will be able to see the questions generating maximum value for your brand, and can alter your Quora marketing strategy accordingly.


Quora can act as a valuable addition to the marketing strategy of any organization. A bizarre supplement to any promotional strategy is to learn how to use Quora for marketing. With Quora, your position as an industry thought leader is updated. You can build treasured relationships with your customers and drive back the traffic to the website. There are various tips and tricks to grow the presence of the brand on Quora, but the most vital one is the inevitability to deliver value. Present yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful source, and your customers will assemble to you searching for answers. 

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