Fashion influencers are on the rise with their content and have been influencing buying decisions by providing their audience creative and affordable fashion advice.

Founder of The Dapper Label, a brand that custom-makes clothing for men, Usaamah is a prominent fashion influencer in Mumbai and India.

Usaamah Siddique  82.9K Followers

Larissa is an all-around personality who sports several feathers in her cap. This charming fashion influencer gives her audience major travel & fashion inspiration.

Larissa D’SA  547K Followers

This content creator has many ideas up her sleeves, whether it’s her product reviews, different forms of makeup, skincare regimen or outfit ideas, she puts them all out there on social media.

Aashi Adani  146K Followers

Sakshi posts various travel & fashion content on her channel which has a huge following. She influences her audience on all things beauty & travel.

Sakshi Malikk  5.7 M Followers

This cute, quirky and unconventional fashion influencer in Mumbai is a great fit to collaborate with a lifestyle brand to input her twist to the outfits and makeup!

Krutika  1.4 M Followers

To her, fashion isn’t just a fad but a way of celebrating life. This is pretty evident from the posts on Aashna's feed. She’s an expert when it comes to being en vogue.

Aashna Hegde  798K Followers

This Instagram fashion influencer aspires to star in good Bollywood movies. Ekta’s fashion game on Instagram is immaculate & the one to watch out for.

Ekta Maru  465K Followers

Bhavini always wanted to become an influencer, to be able to have a positive impact on her followers and fans. She loves expressing her views about food, fashion and travel, and social media has become a means for her to do so.

Bhavini Purohit  253K Followers

Prajakta’s videos are a massive hit with her viewers. Her fashion is one of the most talked about things in addition to her acting & the characters she plays for her YouTube channel.

Prajakta Koli  2.9 M Followers

If you are having a hard time deciding an outfit for a meetup with friends or any occasion, you only have to open Barkha’s account and voila! You will have a plethora of options to choose from.

Barkha Singh  2 M Followers

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These fashion influencers impact millions of people & can work wonders for your brand.

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