Are you looking to find the motivation to exercise, or on the lookout for a fitness influencer for your brand? Then these top 10 fitness influencers should be on your list:

This Instagram fitness influencer’s feed contains information, motivation and training content. Pranit’s media features include Loksatta, Mid Day, The Media Monkey, News Track, PeepingMoon Marathi, and more.

Pranit Shilimkar 


She is a celebrity trainer and a certified Barre Instructor. She wishes to make everyone fit and healthy and is doing her bit through her studios in several cities of India as well as her Instagram account.

Namrata Purohit


Ranveer’s feed is brimming with information, motivation and positive vibes! You will feel positive as well as motivated to better yourself! He believes in maintaining a two-way interaction with his audience.

Ranveer Allahbadia

1.7 M Followers

Guru is considered the trendsetter in providing free-of-cost fitness programs. He’s not just a certified trainer but also a certified nutritionist. Visit his profile, and we are 100% sure you will start working out!

Guru Mann

2.4 M Followers

His feed is filled with pictures of his training routines. Those interested in a bodybuilding career should, without hesitation, check out this bodybuilder’s Instagram handle.

Sangram Chougule

1.4 M Followers

Professional bodybuilder Sunit Jadhav’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of workout routines and diet regimes and is trail-blazing the path for future aspirants.

Sunit Jadhav


He provides online fitness coaching for men and women, comprising customized workout schedules and diet regimes for each client. Vikram is a fitness influencer in the true sense and engages with his audience a lot!

Vikram Jadhav

1 M Followers

Rohit is a sports science nutritionist, and his posts on social media inspire youngsters to start their fitness journey and take better care of their health. His exercise videos showcase the best exercises for particular parts of the body, which help you better understand the training.

Rohit Khatri

421 K Followers

This Instagram fitness influencer’s account is filled with tutorials and exercise routines to help others get fitter and healthier. Her posts explain what each workout routine is – the sequence of exercises, how many reps and sets of each exercise one must do.

Neha Khincha


He is a certified coach with the Nike Training Club and the founder of The Movement, Mumbai. Kunal uploads workout routines and he also highlights the importance of mental health.

Kunal Rajput

24.3 K Followers

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