Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

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Your brand’s USP is clearly and prominently mentioned. Don’t make the message you want to convey confusing.

Do Ensure Clarity

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The audience won’t be interested in hearing about your brand unless you integrate the products & their usability into entertaining content.

Do Make It Entertaining

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Don’t mention everything your customer needs to know about your brand to increase traffic to your website.

Do Create Intrigue

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People come to Instagram for entertainment, they will simply scroll past your influencer marketing content.

Do Make It Easy To Understand & Memorable

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Any influencer’s audience is more receptive to their authentic content hence make sure you let the influencer lead the script.


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Make it fun & entertaining. Show, don’t tell what your product can do for the influencers.

Don't Simply State Facts

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Bombarding the audience with all the information about your product will overwhelm and bore them at the same time. Mentioning the main benefits & creating intrigue is what works the best.

Don't Provide All The Information About The Product

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You can’t attract an audience if they don’t understand the content in the first place. Keeping it simple, is what makes it significant.

Don't Add Technical Jargon

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