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All that is True and Good – TrueMeds

TrueMeds is India’s first e-pharmacy for senior citizens that guarantees to reduce patient’s medicine cost up to 80%. They believe that no one should have to choose between their health and their healthcare costs, True medicines at true prices! Their goal is to make healthcare accessible to every patient in their price range without having to compromise on the quality.

trumeds influencer marketing case study

Content Map

Content for this campaign was focussed on being data-driven since people who are going to buy medicines are going to be looking at how the service will be useful for them. It was also directed on trying to clear out queries regarding various aspects of buying medicines through the app might arise. We also concentrated on how TrueMeds provides you with doctors to counsel with, before purchasing the medicines.

The Creators

We collaborated with influencers from healthcare and lifestyle niche to gain the trust of their audiences and to target the people in these specific categories since they were the main target audience for this campaign. From providing medicine alternatives to counselling with professional doctors, they showed how each of the feature is helpful for the users.

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Some Of The Videos

Being able to buy medicines without burning a hole in my pocket is really great.

Now I know that there are other alternatives to the medicines as well.

It is good to know that there is a trust worthy service out there that cares for us!

Researching and buying medicines has never been easier!

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