TrueMeds – Case Study

TrueMeds Case Study

The Brand

TrueMeds is India’s first e-pharmacy for senior citizens. They believe that no one should choose between their health and healthcare costs. All of their medicines are at true prices! Their goal is to make healthcare accessible to everyone without worrying about the price range and affordability.



Target Audience

“Men Aged 40 yrs and above Tier 1 Cities”

The Campaign Design

trumeds influencer marketing case study

Campaign Objective

Brand Awareness

Platform Leveraged


Influencer Genre

Healthcare and Lifestyle

Content Topics

Healthcare and Lifestyle

Challenges Faced

Identifying the right influencers for the brand and its vision was challenging.

Content Overview

The content focused on the brand’s value proposition, which was to offer affordable health care services and medicines. We strategised content around the theme of ‘accessible healthcare for all’ and positioned the brand as the ultimate, easy solution to availing healthcare counselling services and medicines.
Total Reach
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The Campaign Assets

Reach the right people, the right way!

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