Top 9 Indian Yoga Influencers to follow in 2023

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Just a thought. A posture. And a few words that will alter your life. Yoga influencers and creators are without a doubt one of the most inspiring groups of people you could come across on your social media feed. Their honesty, tales, and exceptional enthusiasm make them inherently appealing. Yoga is regarded as the peak of health and fitness among millennials. But what drives individuals to adopt yoga into their daily lives? Simply said, yoga influencers are those who make yoga look and feel amazing! They are regular people who, through the practice of classical yoga have transformed themselves into great inspirations for the fast-paced modern era. Yoga enthusiasts and health corporations looking for exceptional content providers can go no farther than our list of the Top 10 Yoga Influencers from India. Prepare your yoga mats and get ready to be inspired one pose and one breath at a time!

Top 9 Yoga Influencers in India:

Jaggi Vasudeva, well known by his 10.4 million subscribers as Sadhguru, is a well-known yoga guru and the founder of the Isha Foundation. He is well-known for assisting individuals via yoga theory, practice, and ethics.

His schooling was completed at Mysore. He graduated from the University of Mysore with a bachelor’s degree. Since 1982, he has been teaching Yoga in southern India. He is now an inside engineer with vast knowledge. Sadhguru strives for physical, mental, and spiritual improvement. And of all of us in a refined manner.

Vasudev founded the Isha Foundation, a nonprofit spiritual organization, in Coimbatore, India, in 1992. Under the umbrella of isha yoga, the organization provides yoga programs. The foundation is run by volunteers, and it has around 9 million volunteers.

The foundation has frequent gatherings (sathsangs) with Sadhguru, during which he imparts his golden words. Supervises meditation and works out problems with attendance.

Vasudeva has written multiple novels. Inner Engineering, Dhyanalinga, Himalaya Lust, Linga Bhairavi, Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga, and The Mystic Eye are among his books.

He describes his book as a journey. A handbook for persons who have lost the ability to think correctly. And it gives the reader a key to living wisely and joyously in a difficult environment.

Shilpa Shetty is one of the most influential fitness icons and yoga influencers in India, with a fitness app and a YouTube channel of her own. She began her career as an actress before transitioning to yoga and, subsequently, fitness coaching.

The 42-year-old actress has long advocated for health and yoga. She has created various fitness films and clips to motivate individuals to get in shape and include exercise in their daily lives. She’s even made a handful of yoga-related DVDs in the past. She launched a book called ‘The Diary of a Domestic Diva,’ in which she shared recipes, fitness mantras, and other housekeeping tricks.

Shilpa Shetty uses social media to direct people in the right way and show them how a few lifestyle changes can make a big difference. She is overjoyed when people respond favorably and appreciates her efforts. 

Her YouTube channel now has over 3.02 million subscribers and is rapidly growing. She is well-known for her work in promoting Indian yoga on a global scale; she was maybe one of the first Indian actresses and influencers to do so. Her approach to exercise and a healthy diet is an inspiration to housemakers.

Swami Ramdev is the public face of Indian Yoga and an Indian spiritual leader. He has developed a global following by popularising yoga among Indians through television, and millions of people visit his massive yoga camps where he conducts morning Yoga shibirs.

Born in the Indian state of Haryana, he grew interested in yoga at a young age. When he was a young adult, he recognized he was not cut out for the worldly life and embraced Sanyas (monastic life), adopting the name Baba Ramdev.

He afterward relocated to Haridwar, Uttarakhand, to study ancient Indian scriptures at Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya. He also exercised strict self-control and meditated.

In 1995, he established the Divya Yoga Mandir Trust to promote yoga. Acharya Karamveer and Acharya Balkrishna accompanied him in this endeavor. Acharya Karmaveer specializes in yoga and Veda, whereas Acharya Balkrishna is an Ayurvedic physician. The trust’s headquarters are in the Kripalu Bagh Ashram in Haridwar. At this ashram, Baba Ramdev primarily teaches yoga, as well as the Patanjali Yogapeeth Trust, which promotes herbal and ayurvedic products.

Baba Ramdev is a Top Yoga Influencer in India because he educates his followers about the benefits of yoga and how a healthy lifestyle may help with the treatment of a range of conditions.

Natasha Noel, a dancer at heart, photographer, and yoga practitioner, writes and talks about her yoga experiences on YouTube, Instagram, and her blog, Soulful Happiness. Natasha also enjoys bodyweight exercise. Natasha, who is completely immersed in the realm of philosophy, feels that “your mental soundness is your goal, everything else is unimportant.”

Natasha Noel is a yogini too who has moved on from her prior tragedy. She is one of India’s most well-known body acceptance campaigners. Natasha has never shied away from discussing her traumatic childhood experiences. She witnessed her mother commit herself by lighting herself on fire when she was three years old. At the age of seven, she was raped by a male servant. Her aunts and relatives assaulted her until she was 15 years old. She enjoyed dancing but hurt her legs when she was 17 years old.

Natasha Noel then discovered Yoga in an attempt to rebuild muscle strength. Her YouTube account currently has 730k subscribers. She also utilizes her platform to discuss abuse, despair, anxiety, and body shaming.

Her ardent fans who follow her fitness regimes are well aware of her feelings for them. Natasha ensures that she obtains happy sensations by adhering to a rigid fitness schedule.

She emphasizes self-growth and healing via yoga, urging people to be gentle with their bodies and to try as much as possible to emerge stronger. A brief scroll through her Instagram page will inspire you to a whole new level about how hard work can pay off when it comes to one’s body.

Deepika Mehta will leave you in the wonder of her breath-taking yoga positions, so get your yoga aesthetics perfect with her. Her YouTube Channel is full of stunning videos of yoga asanas and poses that demonstrate flawless skill and dedication. She has our attention with the correct postures and on-point talents that define the true art of Yoga.

She experienced a near-death experience over two decades ago, and Yoga resurrected her. After the rock climbing accident, doctors predicted that she would never walk again. She is now a Yoga instructor and Ashtanga Yoga specialist. Her first classes were at the Sivananda Yoga Kendra in Kerala. In 2002, she met her Guru, Shri K Pattabhi Jois.

Her YouTube channel, Deepika Mehta, has 3.74k Subscribers and can transform you into a wonderful realm.

Her yoga photographs on Instagram, which display her talents, have wowed many people. Deepika discovered yoga while recuperating from a catastrophic rock climbing accident in 1997, a little-known fact.

She rose to notoriety as a master trainer on “The Biggest Loser,” where she inspired many people. She even assisted Priyanka Chopra in her preparation for the Bollywood flick Don. This affirms her place among India’s Top Yoga Influencers.

Sunaina Rekhi is a Yoga Teacher and a Health and Lifestyle Coach who is considered one of India’s top Yoga influencers. She completed her Yoga Trainer program in Rishikesh and now teaches at several reputed yoga studios in Mumbai, inspiring many people to adopt the discipline of Yoga. Her Instagram feed is a fitness enthusiast’s fantasy, with her incredible flexibility.

Sunaina‘s videos will demonstrate that proper alignment under the supervision of an experienced teacher is critical to establishing a strong foundation for safe practice and lowering the chance of injury. While you may not experience rapid, intense pain from doing a given posture out of alignment, many yoga injuries are cumulative, building up over time. As a result, it’s critical to obtain professional advice early in your business to ensure optimal alignment.

Yoga props such as blocks, straps, belts, and so on help to support, enhance, and deepen the practice. She is very constant with her practice, and she also demonstrates how the most common error is keeping inconsistent with your practice, which lowers the beneficial effects of yoga on the mind, body, and spirit.

Radhika Bose, also known as Yogasini, has worked with several well-known companies, including Fabindia, American Eagle India, and others.

She has also performed well in the creators’ coliseum. She has inspired many people with her material advocating healthy living, and she has been published in prestigious magazines such as the Delhi Times, Mid Day, Exhibit, and others.

Women have made great strides in breaking down the glass ceiling in the media and advertising industries, but she believes we still live in a patriarchy and have a long way to go. But there is a beginning, and the beginning is preferable to accepting the status quo.

This one is a one-stop shop for teaching her admirers correct workout routines, cosmetic tips, health guides, and vacation journals. She’s been doing yoga for 9 years and has decided to turn it into a job, and we can’t say we blame her.

To begin with, her abilities show great growth as well as the appropriate attitudes.

If you want to learn YOGA the proper way, she’s the person to watch. Ishwari Patil, a Mumbai-based woman empowerment advocate, Through her Instagram account, is attempting to raise awareness of the advantages of Yoga and Fitness. You may see her posing at various spots across Mumbai, and she also offers online consultations to those in need.

Ishwari, a yoga influencer, has changed the lives of her 52k followers via diet and fitness advice as well as yoga asana practice. She is widely recognized as the Guardian Health Services Athlete. She likes coming to the gym and specializes in fitness and yoga. She’s also a fitness specialist, so you might recognize her if you’re putting together a workout routine. Her Instagram feed will certainly motivate you to get out of bed and start your yoga and fitness journey.

She is always inspiring her admirers and believes that eating a balanced diet is the key to maintaining a healthy figure.

Aishwarya Nigam has maintained her fitness standards while working as a Physiotherapist by tasking like a lady boss. What a fantastic combination of a yogi, yoga instructor, and physiotherapist exhibiting her dedication to health and her career.

Her Instagram feed is a fitness enthusiast’s fantasy, with her incredible flexibility. She also occasionally leads group sessions for the ladies at her workplace, and she is a genuine inspiration.

Aishwarya works at Prehab 121 Academy as an Instructor, Course Coordinator, and Yoga Fitness Trainer. They have built a globally respected staff of instructors and examiners for their pupils, driven by the goal of worldwide excellence. Prehab 121 Academy brings a platter of the scientifically backed and evidence-based plethora of knowledge through this exceptional team. 

Health and Fitness Professionals have an important role to play in helping clients achieve their goals by positively impacting health and fitness around the world, whether face to face or online.


Although yoga may be characterized as “exercise” that includes postures, deep breathing, and concentration, it is much more than that. Yoga is an ancient discipline that combines physical, mental, and spiritual activities. Its application and expression are as diverse as the individuals who practice it. Consider these yoga influences. While some do yoga to gain and remain in shape or improve flexibility, others emphasize the discipline’s capacity to help calm the mind or raise one’s respect for their body – regardless of size or form. Whatever their motivations for generating yoga-related material, these 10 influencers are attracting followers with their informative videos, good outlooks, and willingness to share their passion for yoga with a broader audience.

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