Top 8 Upcoming Skincare Influencers In India

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It’s hardly surprising that social media has caused a significant shift in whom we turn to for beauty advice during the past ten years. Before us, people would often consult their mother, a small group of friends, or even the glossiest magazine with the loveliest face for tips on how to look their best. And we’re not here to suggest that they aren’t still excellent places to turn for life advice, health advice, and beauty ideas! 

But in 2022, there’s a brand-new expert network you can consult for beauty advice, and it’s probably right there in your hand. A person who has gained a reputation and a sizable following on social media is referred to as a “social media influencer.” We’re okay with influencers using social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to reach their followers. 

Never before have we had access to such a wide variety of professionals in the field of beauty and to help you with some of the best rising skincare influencers that are making a mark in the influencer industry, one video at a time here’s our pick on the top 8 rising skincare influencers in India.

Top 8 Upcoming Skincare Influencers In India:

Nayanika is a blogger, Instagrammer, and Youtuber in the makeup, fashion, and lifestyle niche. 

She is seen making content on celebrity everyday makeup recreation looks, GRWM, and shopping on Instagram. This Indian beauty and skincare influencer has worked with brands like PAC, My Nykaa, Simple skin and Cheryl’s skincare. Her YouTube currently has 68 subscribers, but we’re sure the number is going to get higher in no time making her a rising influencer on Instagram.

Parichita is a Guwahati-based blogger who focuses on makeup and skincare for different skin types. She creates numerous tips, tricks and tutorials on skincare for oily and acne-prone skin types majorly. 

This Indian skincare influencer’s IG feed is full of reviews, recommendations, tips, and tricks. She keeps it real by showcasing her real skin in reels on Instagram. 

Some brands we can see her collaborations with include Matt look cosmetics, Pure by Priyanka and Carmesi.

Tasneem talks about all things skincare and beauty on her Instagram page namely skincare. venture. She shares a range of reviews, recommendations of what products to use and purchase, and photos of the same. She is seen doing simple, easy-to-follow beauty and makeup tutorials and her followers enjoy that. 

She effectively engages with her audience by conducting various Q&A sessions, ‘ask me anything’ and other such contests on her feed. This upcoming skincare influencer in India can often be seen hopping onto trends in her videos.

Apoorva on her Instagram says ‘Skincare that works & makeup that stops the search and it’s the best way to describe her. 

She shares quick thoughts about products and detailed reviews that can help consumers understand the product. She has worked with brands like Reequil, Simple Skincare, Foxtale, and Juice Beauty just to name her recent partnerships.

Niyanta is a Digital Creator for Skincare and Haircare genres on her page called beautypost. in. She shares effective skincare, haircare & lifestyle finds ranging from affordable to high-end products.

Her goal is to educate and bust myths for the consumers so that they can choose the best for themselves.

She has worked with brands like Sublime, Sukinskincare, Kapiva, and Nykaa she is the one to follow for skincare advice if you’re a beginner.

Five years after launching her YouTube channel, Sohini currently boasts 62.8K subscribers. A look at this beauty and skincare influencer, and you can see why she is one of the best upcoming skincare influencers in India. Right from sharing makeup tips, tricks, and hacks, Sohini gives her fans amazing makeover ideas. Well, it does not stop here! 

Besides reviewing makeup products, this Indian skincare influencer on YouTube shares her expert advice on skincare pre and post-makeup

Confused which serum to use in your morning routine/ Wondering which face mask would add an extra glow to your skin? Head on to this Indian beauty influencer’s channel!

A renowned influencer in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niche is Vrushali Vachhiyat. She is a model as well. She also does trip vlogs and DIY and style videos for her fans. She is a staunch advocate of practising what she preaches, and her style tutorials are easy to understand. 

She has been seen recreating full head-to-toe celebrity looks like Gangubai in her recent videos. Her natural beauty is extremely captivating and she often shares insights on how she maintains herself.

Simran Bhatia is an Indian beauty influencer whose channel reflects her sense of fashion and way of life. She discovered that YouTube was a greater platform for her to express herself than her blog had been. 

This Indian beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer on YouTube shares all things beauty and skincare on her YouTube channel, home to 82.6K subscribers. From unboxing to haul videos, Simran’s channel covers all things makeup and skincare. 

Simran makes it a point to share detailed reviews and recommendations of her skincare favourites and has dedicated videos for daily skincare routines for different skin types.


We were introduced to a way of living via skincare. Natural ingredients, DIY projects, and top-notch skincare! The days of choosing skincare items off the shelf without reading the ingredients are long gone. Consumers today are knowledgeable and understand what is best for their skin. And although many locally produced skincare companies are making their way into the market, we can also observe the competitiveness and challenges associated with marketing these goods. We’ve put together a list of some of the top upcoming Indian skincare influencers because, when it comes to skincare, nothing works better than authentic testimonies from individuals you can trust. These ladies are from different areas of India, but because of how flexible they are in what they do, they have been able to make a reputation for themselves; their fans speak for them.

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these upcoming skincare influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients collaborate with these upcoming social media skincare influencers. We have curated a network of leading Instagram skincare influencers across the globe and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get back to you!

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