Top 10 Regional Beauty Influencers in India on YouTube

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The diversity of its population is India’s greatest asset. We are fortunate to have a wide range of faces, skin tones, beauty regimens, customs, tastes, and regional beauty traditions. With a strong reliance on digital and social media platforms and rising DIY content consumption, people have turned to eminent beauty influencers on social media platforms for beauty tips. These beauty influencers share useful, easy-to-follow makeup, skincare and beauty tips, and are loved by their fans for the content they create. Regional beauty influencers on YouTube can too be seen making a mark on this video streaming platform with their unique style of creating and delivering content. Besides encouraging and entertaining their fans, influencers have turned the tables for brands as they have acquired the power to influence purchase decisions. Brands have turned to influencers who aid them in driving fruitful collaborations. Being India’s leading YouTube influencer marketing agency, we have skimmed through a huge pool of beauty influencers and featured the top 10 beauty YouTubers from different regions in India, who are making a mark in the influencer industry with their engaging, consistent content.

Top 10 Regional Beauty Influencers in India on YouTube

India’s Komal Gudan is a well-known model, YouTube sensation, and Instagram celebrity. Komal Gindan runs the Super Style Tips channel on the YouTube platform.  

Fashion and lifestyle are essential to Komal Gudan. She is well-known for her make-up lesson videos and other videos dealing with fashion, skincare, skincare, make-up, and other topics. Her social media following is expanding at an increasing rate, and her fan base is enormous.

Komal is one of the most popular regional beauty influencers in India who flaunts a significant fanbase on Instagram as well. She frequently posts pictures of herself modelling and wearing trendy attire on Instagram and has maintained her popularity growth on other social media channels as well. Many businesses from over the world have taken notice of her enormous following, which is partly due to her innovation and creativity.

She rose to fame with her stunning appearance, adorable smile, fashionable sense, and wonderful attitude. She also gained recognition thanks to her fascinating photos and videos.

“Bollywood Celebrities Beauty Secrets For Fair, Bright & Glowing Skin” became her most popular video.

Jyotii Sethi Raina is a multifaceted person and a popular beauty YouTuber. She also ventures into travel and leisure.

Her ability to blend travel, fashion, and cuisine into her work is what makes her one of the most celebrated regional beauty YouTubers in India. Her work is more participatory and relevant because she also incorporates her family and friends.

The actual reason she made our list is because of the variety of content she creates in the beauty and make-up niche. Her themes go where no Indian beauty designer has gone before: purchasing budget cosmetics from Amazon to street shopping and more Jyotii Sethi Raina does it all.

An Indian actress and sporadic fashion blogger. This Indian beauty influencer on YouTube features both product tutorials and reviews, as well as other elements typical to a beauty vlog.

Shivangi is the proud owner of House of Shaarom, a fashion and beauty brand. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and upscale boutique candles are among the wide variety of products it sells. With 100% vegan and non-toxic wax, these candles are environmentally friendly. We advise following her for the lovely material and adoring her for being an entrepreneur.

This Bengali beauty influencer on YouTube has been dominating the world of beauty with unique content since 2009. She is from Assam, one of the North East’s most gorgeous states. She creates content around distinctive cosmetic demonstrations, exquisitely crafted “try-on hauls,” and frank product critiques.

Many people love her. You can find her talking about cosmetics, responding to all of her comments on skincare queries, and talking about all the “unspoken beauty” topics on her Youtube channel, which features beauty and lifestyle videos.

With a unique perspective on beauty, we see this regional beauty influencer on YouTube already on the rise.

A makeup and beauty blogger and influencer in India, Shalini hails from the capital city of India, New Delhi. Her channel highlights her passion for cosmetics and beauty and will provide reviews and advice with an emphasis on Indian and olive complexion tones. 

Being one of India’s top beauty bloggers, Shalini began her blogging journey in 2011. The worldwide blogger who she looked up to whenever there was a new launch, served as her motivation. Through her well-known site,, Shalini transformed from a hobbyist into a full-time beauty blogger and lifestyle influencer. Shalini’s YouTube channel has numerous product reviews, amusing makeup demonstrations, and instructive tips & techniques.

Shalini Srivastava isn’t scared to experiment with various styles and concepts. Her area of expertise is beauty, and she enjoys playing around with cosmetics to create content around new looks, tutorials, and advice.

By teaching women the fundamentals of cosmetics and beauty, she hopes to help them improve their inherent beauty and feel secure in their skin. She challenges the notion of beauty and makeup and aspires to create an impact.

A nutritionist by profession, Kavya Kainath, aka Face The Glam by Kavya, is an Indian YouTuber from Chandigarh who loves makeup and beauty. Kavya Kainth is currently a cosmetic artist and nutritionist located in Chandigarh. 

She accepts appointments for many forms of makeup and diet counselling because she is a beauty vlogger/blogger, dietician, and trained makeup artist. Kavya runs her business out of a salon she owns called “Face the Glam.”

She speaks passionately about everything makeup-related on her blog and YouTube channel. She offers stunning and extraordinary makeovers for brides and their bridal parties and offers a variety of makeup techniques, from complete airbrush makeup to portfolio makeup. She provides a variety of services with personalized makeup looks to make the bride feel like a confident diva on her big day.

Simran Bhatia is an Indian beauty influencer whose channel reflects her sense of fashion and way of life. She discovered that YouTube was a greater platform for her to express herself than her blog had been. She enjoys talking about things that her audience would be interested in hearing about. She is open and sincere with her fans and creates gripping and engaging pieces of content.

This regional beauty influencer’s channel is filled with a tonne of videos on fashion, beauty, and other related topics which have earned her a spot on our list of the best beauty YouTubers in India.

Simran is currently working hard for creating Swish Boss, an ideal online shopping destination for everything gorgeous. She has also founded the Indian clothing and jewellery-focused business Swishbydolcyandsimran.

Akanksha Kommirelly is a Hyderabad-based Indian beauty influencer. She like wearing cosmetics and enjoys playing with them. She enjoys experimenting with different items and being creative.

Akanksha is a lively, charming, and girl-next-door-like YouTuber who also receives a lot of engagement on Instagram for her original work. In 2016, this Symbiosis engineering alumna decided to begin creating videos and tutorials on makeup and cosmetics. She is renowned for creating unique beauty looks, offering makeup lessons, and exhibiting the most recent fashion trends. She adds she is thrilled to have numerous Telugites among her admirers as her YouTube account nears 80k subscribers.

Sohini Chanda, a beauty and makeup enthusiast from Kolkata enjoys creating fresh makeup styles. She also records vlogs for her channel while creating makeup tutorials and product reviews

The lavish styles that Sohini crafts are easy to adopt. She also offers courses and makeup tips for achieving Bollywood looks. Sohini is the one you should subscribe to if you want to learn how to do makeup as Deepika Padukone did for the 2019 Met Gala or Sonam Kapoor did for the 90’s Bollywood look! 

With the uniqueness of her content and her style of presenting, Sohini is one of the top regional beauty influencers to watch out for.

Vrushali Vachhiyat is a renowned influencer in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches. She is a model as well. She frequently sports clothing from well-known retailers like Zara, Forever 21, Closet Hues, H&M, Urbanic, and SHEIN. She exudes confidence with her goofiness, charming grin, flawless style, and chic attire. She embodies contemporary fashion and elegance and has an amazing sense of style. Additionally, she is shown in the “Tequila” music video.

This Surat-based Instagram influencer and YouTuber is quite creative and can continually be seen experimenting with different outfits and makeup looks. She also does trip vlogs, DIY makeup and styling videos for her fans. She is a staunch advocate of practising what she preaches, and her style tutorials are easy to understand and follow. We adore her skill at transforming everyday clothing into original, interesting, and fashionable ensembles.

According to us, this Indian regional beauty influencer on YouTube is a great fit for collaborations with fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle brands.


Finding the ideal beauty blogger might be difficult because there are so many of them on social media. We hope that our list of the top beauty bloggers for 2022 will make it simpler for you to locate someone who complements your style and beauty regimen. Being India’s leading influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr have built a strong network of influencers in every niche including, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and makeup, as well as business, finance and career niches and can assist you in getting your business in front of the appropriate audience with a carefully selected network of top Instagram and YouTube influencers. Looking for more information about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
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