Top 10 Indian Nutrition Influencers on YouTube

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Every event that affects our body once it is not at a normal temperature has taught us that no matter what we do, we must maintain a healthy diet. The one factor that keeps us healthy and active, immunity, is now the topic of conversation for everyone. Living a healthier life is necessary since a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. The long-term effects of small dietary changes can be significant. You won’t need to see a nutritionist if you adhere to the straightforward advice given by these top nutrition influencers on YouTube, who have been educating their audiences on all things nutrition. Here’s our pick on the top 10 Indian nutrition influencers on YouTube to follow.

Top 10 Nutrition YouTubers in India:

As a nutritionist for sports science and fitness teacher, Rohit is a highly renowned Indian nutrition influencer on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, he reveals all of his exercise regimens, does fitness activities, and evaluates fitness products and brands. Additionally, he wants to inspire people and impart his expertise in nutrition and fitness by volunteering to coach them. 

Rohit, who is originally from New Delhi, has always had the goal of succeeding in his endeavour to produce high-quality material. In 2016, he launched his YouTube account, and he hasn’t looked back since. With appropriate instruction and mentoring in bodybuilding, this Indian health and fitness influencer has inspired many.

You may discover films about weight gain, muscle building, health advice, and other topics on his YouTube account. This Rohit’s playlist is for you if you’re a student and need a transformation diet and exercise regimen.

The first fitness expert in the world to provide 50+ free fitness plans with workout and nutrition videos is Guru Mann. This well-known YouTuber is an entrepreneur, CEO, model, and fitness trainer. He also authored several books on fitness and nutrition.

Guru Mann is a trained nutritionist and fitness trainer from a Punjabi family. Since he was young and too small, he has always seen himself as a fitness trainer. To get a comparable physique, he is motivated by Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On his YouTube channel, this nutrition and fitness YouTuber offers the greatest advice on how to increase muscle mass, lose weight, eat healthily, and engage in regular exercise. Guru Mann and T-Series worked together to release his workout videos, which are popular on YouTube and have a large fan following.

Certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and expert in natural transformation, Abhinav Mahajan is a YouTube star making his fans inspired by his expertise in fashion, fitness, health, and grooming. Through his YouTube videos he does, he likes to mentor and inspire people to maintain a flawless body and excellent health. 

Abinav was born in Delhi, where he began his modelling career before rising to fame as a successful fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur. With his YouTube channel, he now serves as an inspiration to people after working with well-known individuals like Manish Malhotra and taking trips abroad for several health and fitness-related projects.

He also offers guidance on diet and lifestyle, and he is a vegan. Strength Upgrade was founded by Abhinav as well. He is also recognized as one of the popular YouTube health and fitness influencers. You can observe him offering the top meal plans, exercise schedules, and fitness schedules on his channel.

Fitness instructor, certified nutritionist, YouTuber, and renowned social media personality Nisha Arora. Nisha’s devoted fan base allowed her to begin her magic in only a few short months.

Belonging to Rajasthan, this health, fitness and nutrition influencer on YouTube runs a gym and offers health, fitness and well-being-related advice to her subscribers. People are inspired to follow her by her original diet, exercise, and weight-loss regimens. She mostly helps and inspires those in need and who are defenceless.

Nisha Arora did a Nutrition course at the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences and with her insights on nutrition, tops our list of top 10 best Indian nutrition influencers to follow on YouTube.

Daman Singh is a qualified international nutritionist and personal trainer. He also contributes to well-known publications and magazines with pieces. Additionally, he offers services to clients through online consultations. Daman Singh is a Punjabi who runs a YouTube channel that advocates steroid-free muscular development, strength training, and fitness maintenance.

He has a P.G. Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition as well as an International Nutrition Certification. In addition to offering online consultations, he publishes articles about health and fitness for the Times of India daily and Mensxp, India’s largest online lifestyle magazine. 

This health and fitness influencer’s goal is to promote steroid-free muscle and strength building through films that are supported by research, giving it the same priority as fitness and health.

In the entire world, Luke Coutinho is renowned for offering the most costly workout package. He is an authority in diet and exercise recommendations. Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Program Pvt Ltd is the name of the business he owns. Its staff includes experts in a variety of fields, including coaching, medicine, and wellness.

Since he was 7 years old, Luke has lived in India with his Indian-born family. For those searching for advice on excellent diet, yoga, meditation, lifestyle, and medicine, Luke’s channel offers a one-stop solution.

He works as a life coach in the field of integrative lifestyle medicine. He also doesn’t practice alternative medicine. He supports integrative medicine, where doctors practice what is necessary and use lifestyle as the primary form of medicine.

Azra Khan is highly renowned for her diet strategies and weight control. People began to trust her since she delivered positive outcomes to her clients. She is a licensed nutritionist and diet counsellor. Azra Khan Exercise is a channel that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and losing weight. 

She has done an excellent job of handling her role as a top fitness and nutrition influencer on YouTube and has been offering helpful advice to others trying to reduce weight. Additionally, she has demonstrated her aptitude by motivating others to live healthy lifestyles by inspiring them with her way of life and daily activities.

She raises awareness of the value of nutrition and a balanced diet through her YouTube channel, “Azra Khan Fitness” and educates everyone who doesn’t have access to good information or someone who believes that exercise is expensive and all about crash dieting about a holistic approach to wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.

Raghav Pande is a senior fitness trainer with certification as an expert in performance nutrition, and a fitness consultant online. This handsome fitness and nutrition YouTuber promises to give you advice on how to lose weight and belly fat and get six-pack abs quickly with only a few easy body-transformation procedures.

He is becoming increasingly well-known on YouTube because of his premium services and training plans. Since fitness is not a science that is inert but rather is always changing, Raghav fully believes in continually expanding his knowledge base and keeping up with the current innovations that are constantly occurring in the healthcare sector.

Raghav fills this need with his clear, well-researched, and tested advice because the wealth of fitness material that is readily available on the internet can be frightening and frequently inaccurate. Fitness instructors may claim to be anything, but Raghav has transformed lives through his diet and fitness plans.

Since Nidhi Mohan Kamal holds degrees in both food and chemical engineering and has a focus on nutrition and sports-specific nutrition, she is also referred to as a food scientist. As she offers the greatest workout routines, yoga sessions, and weight reduction strategies on YouTube, she is one of India’s top nutrition and fitness YouTubers.

Nidhi is a qualified yoga instructor from Delhi who regularly instructs her YouTube subscribers on the finest yoga poses to practice to stay healthy and fit. She also enjoys posting about cuisines and beverages and continuing to motivate others through her travels.

She has degrees in both chemical and food engineering. She started working in the body-shaping sector in 2007 as a nutrition specialist and has since grown her empire in both fitness and nutrition. She is a food scientist with expertise in nutrition for athletes and has achieved recognition as a Puma Do You ambassador. She teaches Ashtanga yoga and works as a personal fitness trainer.

Akshat Mathur is a proud ISSA Certified Trainer and Nutritionist who assists individuals in setting sensible objectives for their weight reduction journeys and promotes a healthier way of living. Akshat started his YouTube channel in 2015 intending to educate viewers on diets, vitamins, fitness, and exercises. His bodybuilding-focused training videos inspire young people to alter their bodies and improve their fitness levels.

Akshat Mathur didn’t ask experienced bloggers for assistance or guidance when he first launched his site. Instead, he relied on his skills and was extremely passionate about leaving his imprint on the web with his work. 

But he also faced several difficulties on his trip. This Indian nutrition influencer has worked with several reputable and well-known companies. On his social media channels, he has a sizable fan base and his followers and admirers adore him for the original and educational information he posts.


With increased digitalisation, now that there is so much material available to the general public online, so many books have been written about health, fitness and nutrition, and there is a drive for more public awareness, it looks like everyone needs to consult them or take their counsel. Some of us tend to engage in extreme fads or crash diets, which ultimately backfire in an attempt to get our health and bodies back on track. However, these top Indian fitness, health, and nutrition YouTubers inspire common people to attain their fitness goals and comprehend the science and facts of nutrition and diet. Health and fitness brands have realised the immense potential of collaborating with these nutrition influencers. 

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