Top 10 Indian Meme Pages to Follow On Instagram

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Let us tell you a secret, making memes and sharing them with your friends is now a mainstream marketing strategy for brands! Yes, you heard it right. Memes have risen to prominence because hey, who would say no to a good, tummy-hurting laugh. Being highly relatable, memes can go viral and gain huge amounts of engagements, likes, comments, and shares. Because they offer interesting and entertaining content, the Top 10 Indian Meme Pages on Instagram are popular amongst viewers and are quickly overtaking all other types of content on social media. In 2018, companies began to consider memes as a way to raise awareness. 

Memes and meme marketing has become a crucial tool for businesses to employ in promoting their products and services due to the rising demand for them. Businesses and brands are focusing on it as one of their most well-liked and innovative marketing strategies, and they are also recruiting people who can create attention-getting memes. The use of amusing real-world videos and photos to generate memes for marketing purposes might help the general public feel more relatable. And to take note of all such creators, we’ve compiled a roundup of some relatable Indian meme accounts on Instagram.

Top 10 Instagram Meme Pages in India:

Nearly 9 million+ individuals worldwide are being calmed by supporting @naughtyworld_’s admirable mission of promoting relaxation. This page is managed by young businessman Ankur, who is very enthusiastic about his profession.

On the Instagram page, @naughtyworld_’s memes on various subjects are shared. It’s humorous and full of snark, trolls, jokes, and opinions. It is becoming more and more well-liked every day because of its humorous and engaging content. The popularity of the page is projected to increase in the coming months as it continues to expand daily.

The most popular Indian meme page updates frequently with new meme content. Every day, @ghantaa posts 20 to 30 memes, with an emphasis on popular culture and amusing human behavior.

With an astounding 7.4 million Instagram followers, this page has elevated the meme game; ghantaa turns everything popular into a meme.

The preponderance of the postings on their feed are original to the owner Sumit Soni’s writings, but some of the posts have been clones of other meme accounts’ posts. But those memes on Ghantaa are a fun addition to our uninteresting lives, thus making it to the list of top 10 Indian Instagram meme accounts to follow.

They are the ones that choose the content faster than others, and @trolls official is well known for its regular content on current events. Anyone who has grown up using the internet is aware that the term “troll” refers to a person or entity who posts purposefully controversial or objectionable content online to attract attention. Every time, @trolls official attempts to share the funniest material. Their postings frequently include humorous details from the lives of regular people.

Trolls Official, a 7 million-followers meme page, will take you on an entertaining journey. Typically, they blend puns with images to create memes, which are sure to stifle a giggle.

Go ahead and follow this incredibly popular meme page on Instagram to laugh yourself silly.

One of the most popular and rapidly expanding Indian meme pages on Instagram, @adultsociety, is run by Rohit Goyal. Despite its name, it provides funny memes. It’s the top meme account on Instagram. This account does not cater to adults. Like the others, it is a meme account. More than 6 million of Instagram followers are active as of right now. Additionally, it includes several humorous reels of a similar nature.

The bulk of the youthful audience, who range in age from 18 to 25, is honoured on the account. The number of followers on his page, which includes several well-known social media and Bollywood stars like Malaika Arora, Harrdy Sandhu, Rakul Singh, and B Praak to mention a few, may be used to measure his page’s popularity.

The person who created this page is Manpreet Narula, a Delhi resident. Numerous well-known internet companies, like Tiktok, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, reached out to him. One of the top Instagram meme pages in India, @error69 has 3.6 million followers. They mostly share unique stuff and thousands of followers like it.

@error69 has a highly wide readership and also makes sponsored posts like other accounts, which is their major source of money. The only thing that all of the memes on this account have in common is that they are amusing.

Despite being a private page, this one has the benefit of allowing you to message the person directly and ask for credit for your work.

To achieve its goal of becoming “India’s No. 1 Viral Meme Trend,” @_dekhbhai_ has been working extremely hard for the past several years. Every day, the page, which is run by Ommy Patel, posts humorous stuff. The content is a mixture of amusing short videos and funny still pictures with witty subtitles.

You’ll laugh so hard that it hurts your cheeks with Dekh Bhai. It is accurate and entirely relatable. The information is quite interesting and cool. You are guaranteed a wonderful time and some insane laughter because the memes are uploaded frequently. Follow this top Indian meme page on Instagram to get the most rib-tickling fun.

This profile is one of Instagram’s most well-known meme accounts, as its name implies. Managed by media and news organizations, this page has around 1.8 million individuals that follow it. There are many amusing and uplifting jokes on this page.

It also includes some entertaining and humorous videos. You’ll grin and want to share some hilarious buddy group memes with all of your buddies, so do both. Visit their amusing Instagram page now.

As stated in their bio, “Follow me for an escape from your unhappy, dull & miserable existence,” @tedthestoner is a public account, and they constantly work to make sure that their followers experience just that. Every day, they post between 5 and 10 memes, with an emphasis on amusing images of children and animals.

They might have fewer followers than others pages, but they still feature original meme material. This page is followed by well-known celebs including Virat Kohli, Ileana D Cruz, and Shraddha Kapoor. Jitendra Sharma is the person behind this immensely popular meme page. 

@tedthestoner is a verified account and one of the most popular meme accounts in India. They want to influence people’s perspectives.

Numbers may sometimes speak for themselves. @_naughtysociety is a popular meme page with over 1.2 million followers worldwide. It is a popular meme page from all around the world. With only a tap on their username to follow them, you may enter the realm of sarcasm that you cannot escape. It delivers crazy and interesting stuff about naughty things from around the world.

The creator of this collection of foreign memes is Sahil Jaiswal. On this platform, trolls, memes, punchlines, and funny videos are submitted. You may also ask for credit for the content.

Visit @aksharpathak‘s page and you’ll immediately fall in love with his comedy. Although he has fewer followers than the Instagram meme accounts mentioned above, what matters is the humour’s subject matter.

This man turns even the smallest things into memes. He has come up with some hilarious content regarding the lockdown that is likely to make people laugh out loud. We are always in awe of him!


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